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Broke Cargo window on the deathmobile.

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That's a bummer about the window.  Hopefully something comes up for you.  If you find anything online that is in our area, let me know if we can help get it out to you.  It was great meeting and chatting with you this weekend!

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I've got a deal going with Dirttrack510, he's sending me glass for $50, shipped. And, by the way, he's parting out all the rest of the glass on that wagon as well (no windshield).


Now to get the danged gasket, which is not cheap. I'm really kicking myself for not securing that stupid seat in the back like I should have.


That was fun meeting you and your husband and chatting. I tried to send you a message but you'd disabled, you guys seem like you'd fit in with our car camping posse and I wanted to get contact info to see if you'd like to join us on our next outing.

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I have my old set of cargo window seals. I would rate at a 5 out of 10. I changed out because I was pulling my windows for a headliner and I had noticed a slight bit of leakage, but never actually any wetness. I suggest hydrating the seals in silicone.


Also these cargo windows are obnoxious to change out.

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cool q tip! a white one? shows up best


So I'm hearing marinating the seals in silicone is good. OK. and what's the trick to getting them in? I was looking at that and wondering, given the sharp corner at the upper leading edge. Seemed to me you start there. 


did a rear window in a ford pickup (firewood accident) and it wasn't that bad, but those have nice roundy corners with good radius size

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yeah, I know right! All those miles (450k), all those dirt roads, jeep tracks, and worse...and then I bust it myself. crap.


on another note, where are folks getting windshields these days? I see rock auto lists em. I heard someone else was making better ones though. what's the scoop?


My biggest fear is finally replacing it...and two weeks later taking a rock right in front of the drivers seat. It seems to always work that way.

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