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How many would trade a 610 for a 510?


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I stated my Datsun obsession by reading about the BRE 510s, and even though I saw pics of 610s and 710s, the 510s were MY car. I currently have a 2dr, 4dr and wagon.


Lately, though, 610s are doing it for me. It's something about the '70s American muscle car-inspired styling. It's like a small, Japanese Charger, in the best possible way.


That got me thinking. With such small production numbers for 610s, does the exclusivity make them more desirable than 510s? How many of you would trade your 610 for a 510?  Or is the answer virtually none?


I'm interested to hear folks' thoughts.

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Exactly what mattndew said. I'd never trade my 510 for a 610. Heritage, style, collectability, the 510 is a hands down winner on all fronts. 610s are cool and I'd gladly own one, just not at the expense of loosing a 510.

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Having owned 510s, 610s & Roadsters and currently owning a 610 Hdtp. I would be inclined to say No, I wouldnt trade my 610 for a 510. They each have there own driving experiences, collect all of them, problem solved!

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it'll be a very tough decision but in the end i'd be goin home to my 610.  What was said above is true but owning a car that is considered rare is the selling point for me. I can always get/own a 510 if money isnt an issue. There are thousands of them still out there. But i'd like to own both if my wifey wont kill me. 

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I saw this topic and I couldn't resist in putting my 2 cents...


I would not trade a 610 for a 510... a two door 610 is more desirable to me than a 510 that I still find it on the classifies... You always find 510 all over for sale but I never see a 610 two door sale all the time. If the 510 is an SSS then that is another story.... :)



I like 510s but I rather own a 610 (two door of course)


My two cents...  

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It really depends on the models. 2dr 510s are lighter than 4drs... as are 610s. The weight ratio of the 510 front to back is more equal than in a 610. I haven't put 2 cars with equal drivetrain/door configuration/wheel combos on a scale next to each other, but I would guess between 150-250lbs difference.


The seat rails should be compatible; I'm 99% sure that I've swapped seats directly between the two models in the past.

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As a 610 guy i personally find the 510s boring 610s forever even stock for stock the 610 is better due to more displacement as gor weight idk what a 510 weighs but according to the truck scale in town with my 350 lbs full interior full tank and spare tire as well as a/c my car weighed 2300

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I wasn't fishing.


I still own my first 510, will never part with my second, and just got my 3rd, a wagon.


That said, I like underdogs.


My guess was that 95% of 610 folks would stick with their 610.


I can't blame you; 610s are effing cool.

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Like MM I've had both cars, and I love the MoPar look of the 610, but it does feel heavy & less nimble than the 510.


The 510 also has better dash ergonomics, seating position, visibility + tons of aftermarket support that the 610 can't match.


If you do get a 610 do NOT expect to source unique parts without a struggle. Few were made and even fewer survived.

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Probably all the more reason why we get so attached to our 610 projects.  Building 610s are like hunting for unicorns. 

Unicorn Hunter!!!!!!!!

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