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NEW Knight Rider!!!

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so yea this new knight rider is pretty fuckin tight, i dont like mustangs much, but they did an ok job on this one, an fuck man its KITT!! well not the same kitt.. but you know what i mean.. im sure some of you dont like it.. or dont like the idea of it so havent watched it yet, but its on on wedensdays on NBC or you can watch it on nbc.com, if you havent seen it yet i reccomend watchin the 2 hour special first then watch the 2 episodes they have out already..


anyone else down with the new knight rider action?

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Oh,.. I see. KITT reduces the car occupants to zero mass so they are unaffected by high G turns. Or maybe suspends Newton's first law of momentum. Or maybe time is speeded up so that the occupants perceive the car's speed and 9 G turns as a gentle stroll down a winding road. :D

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Ha ha just kiddin'. I like reading Si Fi. I like it when I don't have to suspend disbelief. Example: in outer space and the death star explodes with a huge boom..... there is no sound in outer space. Did you ever see 2001 A Space Odyssey? The guy blows the hatch with explosive bolts and there is no sound. One of the greatest si/fi movies, (almost 40 years old now) ever made for accuracy thanks to Arthur C. Clark and Stanley Kubrick.

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I watched KR last night and the car is somewhat cool and all but the show all in all is cheesy in my opinion. when they are driving in the car you have the real bad graphics in the background bouncing up and down and the car sits still. Just thought for trying to make it such a big hit as they wanted it to be they could have done better.

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its nbc, hahaha what do ya expect? nah i agree... but every show / movie i watch i always think about things that could make it better... im a knight rider fan i was really worried about not likin the show.. but ya its not bad.. not the best but oh well... when that dukes of hazard movie came out i had the same feelin, but it was ok too..

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