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How rare are 411 bucket seats?

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Mark has the ultimate seats in His roadstered 620 I believe. Comfortable, cool looking and vintage. Now I have installed what will work (for now) in Choptana and I am still sitting just a little too high and forward for comfortable shifting and throttle pedal foot comfort. The more I think about it, I might be happy with 411 seats like Marks if re-upholstered red to match the truck. I am beginning to think, though, that these are rare seats to locate. Am I correct in this thought? The coverings don't matter as they would be going to an upholstery shop so even finding good frames is going to be how hard? Thanks.

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Hey Mike:)! These seats seem to be very hard to find:(! I myself have been looking for quite some time now with little or no luck at all:(! I would pay mark whatever his price would be for his if he was to sell them:D!

1 million dollars :lol:


Mike & Jason yes these seats are very hard to find. They're not th emost comfortable ive sat in but deffinately fit the style on my 620. What about an older Fiat or Alfa romeo seat?? They may be similar & period correct & the yards have plenty i would assume. BUY EVERYTHING !!!

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If you are lucky enough to find 411 buckets you will have found a well built gem! I reupholstered my 67 411 buckets when they were 30 years old. The foam cushions were like new! I still have the replacement foam I bought to replace it, never expect to need it. I reupholstered them at an adult education reupholstery course. The instructor could not believe the quality and condition of these cushions. He said "Good thing those were not Ford seats!"

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