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Solid Engine Mounts?


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And for what chassis and engine? Regardless of why you want them no one could answer the question because you didn't tell us the application. Yes they are made for a variety of applications, but no they aren't made for datsuns. Make your own

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If you mean the rubber part they are also known as isolators. Without rubber all engine vibration is transmitted to the frame, sub-frame and the body. Anything loose or movable will start to hum or rattle. No advantage what ever on a street car.

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Advantage on a street car...hmmm? You could tell your friends you have solid motor mounts. That's the only advantage I know of.


In a race car, diffferent story.


It's funny how many times I've watched people turn their cars into "race cars" by building in race car attibutes. Only when it's too late do they realize "this sucks".

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I have searched and have yet to find anything.  


Because no one has been crazy enough to try it.  ^_^




Do they exist? 
Do I need to make my own? 





There are a few companies out there that make urethane motor mounts. Probably the best compromise. 

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I have searched and have yet to find anything.  


Do they exist? 

Do I need to make my own? 




For a dime? Not likely


Probably make your own.



Should you run solid mounts? Not on a street car for all the reasons above.


What would solid mounting of the engine accomplish? If the engine isn't restrained it would just spin around trying to turn the wheels against the pavement. Just like torquing a head bolt, you have to brace your feet. Solid mounts would totally restrict any engine movement from engine torque. Under severe horsepower or repeated clutch dumps with severe drive line shocks, the rubber isolators could tear out, but not right away. This would be something perhaps only experienced in extreme drag racing or to a lesser degree, track racing. An easier fix would be a 'torque strap' which could be as simple as a length of chain bolted between the block and the body on the left side. The chain could have some slight slack in it and the rubber isolators still used for smooth and quiet vibration free running but there under hard acceleration.


Solid mounting could be used for racing where vibration and discomforts are expected and tolerated for the length of a race. Driving around down town? Forget it.

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Lots of auto manufacturers build torque rods into their design. MG is the oldest one I can think of. They have been around for years.


Not a bad idea Mike, but I would retro fit an off the shelf torque rod, before I would use a chain.


(I'll let this count for one time today Mike)

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Reason being is that with the CA18DET I am running in the car, the mounts appear to be suffering from either the weight, or the from the flogging that the car receives.  I am assuming that even an upgraded urethane isolator would be beneficial, but again, I am unable to locate a reputable manufacturer.  

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So you're willing to fabricate something? If you want to make a pair of motor mounts, use urethane bushings. I buy generic bushings for things like motor mounts, panhard bars, suspension links, body mounts, etc from these guys: https://www.suspension.com/4-bar.htm. You can shop by dimensions.


If you are going to build urethane motor mounts, I would still use as large a bushing as will fit in the area.

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Motor mounts shoul dbe in shear, so that if the rubber (or urethane) breaks, the engine is still held in place. Stock motor mounts aren't always this way, but they do usually have a lip on them that will help.


These motor mounts are in shear and use bushings I sourced in the link I provided earlier.





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