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A 510 named "Hey"

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Carter said I need to start a thread on my latest project.  Bought it a couple years ago from a friend in Seattle.  It spent the last 10ish years in his garage with no drivetrain.   It just so happened that Frank picked up a few projects and had an extra L20, which he gave me, very nice of him.  Turned out it had a bad timing chain.  Easy fix.  Then it had bad valve guide seals, then the floats in each SU decided to no longer be buoyant, of coarse at different times.....  The rings ended up getting washed out after the second float fail...  So after sitting a season I got a SR20DE for it.  Just gotta get the engine bay painted so it can go in. :)   Can't wait to be driving it again!!!







































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This Datsun is in good hands.  Is it a SR20DE 5 speed swap?


Sure do hope that someday you will design a Canam box for the automatic swap.

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This Datsun is in good hands.  Is it a SR20DE 5 speed swap?


Sure do hope that someday you will design a Canam box for the automatic swap.



I'm sure the CAN/AM box can be used on a auto swap.  I've just never done one.  Rich from the realm was going to have me wiring his SR20DET auto swap but he is still working on the SR install.  I'll make sure to document it for you :) 



Man, I was hoping to see a Tesla motor & battery pack :P



Tesla performance drive unit with Chevy Volt battery to be exact.  It's next on my list.  I wish I could skip straight to it.  



I thought you were done with fossil fuel??


So done!!!!  I've had this car for quite a while and the SR fell in my lap.  Lets just say combined for the car and the SR I'll be in it less than what the kid paid for just the SR.  


next on my list is the Tesla 510 :)  




^^That. Though you were done with the dinosaur burners?



Nice dime anyway!



yep I only want to build electric for myself after this car.  I'm sure I will be wiring SR's and KA's for the rest of my life.... haha.

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The shot of you looking into the engine bay struck me as a bit ironic......considering how many pics we've seen of you in the engine bay of Frank's and Dillon's cars. :)

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Amazing work, that car is beautiful!


Jeff I am thinking that to wire in the automatic it will take at least one additional relay for the inhibit switch maybe 2.  I have not studied the wiring diagrams yet.

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