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INSMNCS: John Cain

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My dad had a 6 year old '51 Chev, I had a '55 and a '57 at one time in the '70s. There was ZERO pollution controls, even passive ones. No seat belts. Single master cylinder. Protruding metal dash and radio knobs. They did have safety glass sides and rear and laminated front windshields. What the hell were crumple zones???? My '64 Dodge had a metal (hard) dash, no seat belts, single master, but did have a PCV valve. It was a two door and the front seats folded forward but did not lock in the upright position. Passengers in the back came right into the front in an accident. No head rests.

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I'm allowed to shake my head at you ;) BTW if you hadn't mentioned that its an Audi, I would have guessed Volkswagen...they look the same without badges!

it is a VW lol. I do feel it though.  my Audi is much bigger, and WAY more boring!  i want a more exciting daily.....



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