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we need to pool our money!!!!!

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Did anybody notice his spelling and grammer are spot on?


At the very least he writes well. He can construct a sentence and a paragraph. He isn't stupid.


Maybe he's onto some crazy cosmic shit that us putzes can't quite grasp?


If I could go back in time there is a kid that was a bully in the hood ..I would totally FUCK HIM UP....and I would bang Lorrie Lorenz the blonde cheerleader I never got to slip it to.!


YOU GUYS? would want Datsuns? Give me REVENGE and PUSSY!

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Dave, I wll Help our side. Thier are many Paradoxes. Grandfather Paradox being one. #1 Anyone wishing to Time Travel will have to pass Psych. eval. I also understand Encapsulation Necessity. While that is only 1 part of equation or argument. If Time/Space is held together by constant thread. Each moment becomes Peice, as this time has past, Time would run parallel. Only effecting paralel universe. Now in Dimensional tunneling, Rules are different. Forward travel cannot be completed without threading Time Loop.

I truly am Innovator of Time Travel. Website is up, and i will post work in Late Oct. I have and will generate a lot of beautiful work. P.S. Ask your colleges if they understand euclidean geometry or what a binary equation is. Or what is imperial or imperial metric is. It is easy to be skeptic but the proof is in the fruit. Watch for my work. 3 movie companies have shown interest, I want to have tech. out before I publish or make movie. Also I do not wish to upset balance of society. Current Tech. is obsolete. Basing angles, miter, or compound, on irrational formula is by definition irrational.

Hope this helped, it is true.

Lots more to come.

Best Regards,

P.S. You Picked the Right Side, as I am Correct.

Ron Francis




and you were sceptical?

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what the hell if i could go back in time i would work at the datsun factory and get it one peice at a time its 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 datsunmobile one headlight on the left and three on the right transmission woukdnt fit little help from a adaptor kit had the datsun runnin like a song oh yah baby hahhah

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