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Project Binky - Turbo Charged 4WD Mini

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On 8/9/2018 at 3:20 PM, paradime said:


And now, an entire episode dedicated to modifying factory wipers.... Seriously Weak Sauce. 


Do you do much fabrication? While short on application to what I like to build, it was nonetheless fascinating to me. Coming up with a wacky idea and then building and building until you make it work is cool to me. 


Now, rain sensing wipers? Fuck that noise...  ?


When you can cheaply buy a kit that does exactly what you want, there's no reason to build it yourself...  

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I thought it was cool and now I know exactly how to replicate that setup, should I ever want to. Just the factory delay in a 620 would be awesome. 

I am enjoying how they are re-engineering factory components to work in the package they want. Breaking down each system as they go. The heater episode was phenomenal for just that, same here. 


Why buy a kit, when you can build it yourself? lol

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Although I hire a welder, I've designed modified and repurposed many parts on architectural motorcycle and automotive applications. Started doing that with toys as a kid. When it comes to woodworking, I've made and restored just about anything you can imagine. 


I mean no disrespect to these guy's insane level of skill and attention to detail or their sense of humor. I just think the wipers should have been a side note rather than an entire episode.


1st episode they introduced the rack, the grinder scare crow, stripped the body, squared and reenforced the chassis replaced the floor plan A pillars and sills, added sill reenforcement tubes, removed the front sub frame, and built a removable front clip jig. 


I'm all about working on wacky ideas until they work, but 18th was nothing more than modifying factory wipers with a bunch of math thrown in.  Episode 11 where they calculated the Ackerman angle and eliminating bump steer, now that was cool to me. Even there, they managed to include modifying the transmission tunnel, the shifting linkage, and the hand brake. Although wipers are useful on a rainy day, I feel describing all the geometric arc ratio calculations involved in removing water from the windshield was short on importance and long on filler. 

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It can rain a lot there. As for the wiper and heater episodes... shouldn't have to wait months for this. It was lame and could have been released back to back or condensed into one. I think they are getting too big for their britches... that's the trouble with fame or a good thing.


On 8/12/2018 at 10:45 AM, ]2eDeYe said:

  Just the factory delay in a 620 would be awesome. 



My 620, now sold, had variable delay wipers using a 720 steering column stalk switch and amplifier. It rains a lot here in season.

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I can understand some people's frustration with seemingly boring or "useless" episodes of Project Binky.  I suspect most of the frustration comes from the length of time between episodes


Seems to me these guys are doing a great service for inexperienced potential builders who want to make or mod a car " in their spare time"

Time, Space and even the level/quantity of tooling required is informative.  Seems pretty basic at most turns but you better have a TIG, MIG, Lathe, Mill, Band Saw, DrillPress etc, 

The one thing they don't do much is talk about the cost of tooling.  Their Step Bit bills alone must be very high!  Not to mention cutoff wheels and beeping levels


EVERYTHING car and custom can take forever if you are trying to do it right in available spare time.


Had anyone demonstrated that to a 15yo me  I'd have finished a lot more of the projects I sold off over the years.  Or maybe not started them at all?


Here is another project that's getting done at a high quality level - LoCost s2000 Build - really interesting work but already 8.5 years of spare time into it and not driving yet.


I recommend Binky to anyone asking me about how to get started working on cars.  With special attention paid to the timestamp on each episode


I'm also happy to say I drink coffee out of my Binky mug almost daily and I've already worn out one of their T-shirts


These days I start a project with an Excel or Google Sheet spreadsheet detailing my estimated costs for parts, paint, etc.  If that doesn't scare me off the project then I start to figure the hours it might take me...  If that doesn't scare me off then I end up with my half finished 620!

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Like Nick Blackhurst mentioned in the beginning, the last two episodes were a form of electro-phobia immersion therapy. Seeing custom wiring done calmly and methodically was oddly cathartic. I have seen the light, and from here on my approach will be rebuilding and replacing old hardware as the first step, not the last.

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