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Jake's 320 Build


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Love the Studebaker!  That engine should get it to grocery store just fine.  There is a 65 Studebaker truck for sale in Kingman AZ.  I had a 51 Studebaker champion as a first car when I was 12.  Wish I still had it.


FYI, I had to drive a Bueau of Indian Affairs surplus Sturdebaker with V8 while on Minute Wing 5 Montana [additionanal squad 20 add-on construction].  It was suppose to be a cost savings move!  My POS Indian reservation reject sedan unit had an engine fire!  Thank God it was at a manned construction site!  It took several minutes to convince the on site crew that I was not conducting a site inspection and that my engine was actually on fire!  I am posting this, so  Guess who evidently survived the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Air Force Systems Command desire to pinch pennies! .

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our right


this pulley looking set up


actually looking at it closer now - the way the pipework is plumbed it's an AC compressor - you can just see the condenser in front of the radiator at the bottom of the pic. didn't occur to me instantly that a car from '61 would have AC, thought maybe it could have been something to do with the exhaust intake etc - maybe like an old supercharger



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pretty sure my local parts supplier (supercheap) has generic fender mirrors on the shelf. i couldn't find any on their website but i'm sure you could find a generic set on ebay.


i'm after the oil filter housing seal if anyone knows what fits? the seals that come with cartridge replacement i bough aren't thick enough. i just put the old seal back in a couple of months ago but it's leaking a fair bit down the outside of the cannister.


i found this thread from 2012 that says they're no longer available http://community.ratsun.net/topic/38816-new-65-owner/?hl=%2Boil+%2Bfilter+%2Bseal&do=findComment&comment=605256


has anyone found anything since?

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That would be ideal


the filter i have is the one that points down and is cast onto the block


i have spare engine that has the aluminium bolt on type that points up. I've taken that off the motor and tried to salvage the seal but it snapped during removal. i have it with me today to take to some suppliers to see if they have anything similar


i have found the following links that i'll look into






also a BMC seal




some of the conversion kits look like they have a large external line for some reason


this one looks like the most reasonable



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ended up buying this to just deal with what i have




fitted it last week and drove the car all weekend without issue


also ran some of this through http://www.supercheapauto.com.au/Product/Nulon-Foaming-Air-Intake-Cleaner-150g/288071


instructions included removing spark plugs and spraying into the combustion chambers, then turning the engine over a few times with the spark plugs still out.


removed quite a lot of crap which all came out of the exhaust


runs pretty well now as well after i "tuned" the carby a bit - plugs are now looking tan where before they were always black


i need to adjust the valve clearances again as i'm starting to get the ticking back


always something to be done

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If the ticking is coming back over and over again, try running them a tad on the tight side.


We used to do what we called an "engine douche". Run the throttle up to about 3K RPMs and then pour water down the carb from a hose (not a lot). That worked great. Get it wrong though and ...

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it's surprising how much a little air movement in the cabin helps and the difference it makes here in aus

i already won't take the car out if it's going to be over 30°, once it heats up it's almost unbearable. this helps when you're pulled up at the lights and not moving any air through the triangle windows


anyone know other models of vehicle that have wheel nuts that will fit - looking at heading to a wrecking yard to grab a set (mine are all munted, missing caps, different sizes etc)

did a quick google and forum search but nothing definitive



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