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Jake's 320 Build


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New here - ish


Jake from Adelaide, Australia.


Have a 65 and a 62 parts car.


I'm thinking about putting an MGB intake manifold and extractors on my E1 motor, everything lines up. Only difference being the stock E1 intake is 1"1/4 and the MGB intake is 1"1/2. I have removed the head from a spare E1 motor i have and the actual size of the intake port on the head is 1"3/8 so if i were to 'gasket match' or port it myself i would only have to remove 1/8 of material from the head.


Is there any reason why this wont work? (car is right hand drive so i don't have to worry about clearance of the steering column/master cyllinders etc) Will it ever run even close to a little bit right?


I'm not chasing an increase in power - more the aesthetic and sound i'm looking to improve.


Will upload pics of the manifolds for comparison and the car this evening.



E1 Head



Top left is E1 manifold, bottom right is MGB intake and extractors



MGB gasket laid over the E1 gasket








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seats and door cards are currently being re-trimmed in these colours




Took the dash out to respray and clean the gauge cluster, dials/knobs etc






Interior is being carpetted




New door seal rubber from Fitch The Rubber Man http://www.fitchtherubberman.com.au/epages/shop.sf/en_AU/?ObjectPath=/Shops/fitchtherubberman/Products/60-055N




picked up some 15x7 rims from a Landcruiser, not sure of the offset. 




Before the tyres came off






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Looks good.


Hopefully mine turn out just as well.


My kick panels are going to be carpetted though i think in black loop pile like the floor will be


You have the same weird grey/black soft hammertone-ish finish on your dash as well. trying to respray mine at the moment but some sections are drying 'flat' and look more gloss that the rest - sticks out a lot. My 62 has the smooth dash painted the same colour as the car.

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Got the door trims back from the upholsterer 


pretty happy with them






now just waiting for the seat.


Have to stop my windshield leaking before the carpet can go in, i'm just going to try and seal it up for now as a new gasket is around $220 delivered and a bit out of my budget at the moment


My cousin had a set of SU's laying around that came off a V8 Volvo he said i could have for a few beers


Also found this mob in AUS that have a lot of useful information and replacement engine components/gasket kits. They seem to know what they're talking about too





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Nice Aussie Stude survivor. RHD even.


V8 or Six banger?


You have very good tastes in pickups.





thanks but unfortunately it's not mine, belongs to the father in law. it has a six at the moment which i think is what it came with but an 8 is going in in the next couple of weeks

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It's funny how Studebaker shared body parts so often over the years. That bed looks just the same as the bed on our old '49 Stude.


I have a set of those same hubcaps hanging on my wall !


yeah i think it is the same bed as the 49, they used the same press from that and then the front half of the new Lark sedan to save money. the running gear is pretty dated for truck released in that era, still had leaf springs in the front etc

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Love the Studebaker!  That engine should get it to grocery store just fine.  There is a 65 Studebaker truck for sale in Kingman AZ.  I had a 51 Studebaker champion as a first car when I was 12.  Wish I still had it.

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Coulda, shoulda bought a nice SWB Champ like that a couple of years ago from a co-worker; & didn't. One of those kickin' my butt ever since, situations.


53 coupes are 'Top Shelf', timeless Raymond Lowey styling masterpieces.












Take a look at EVERYBODY else's 1953 offerings.


Picture is worth a thousand words.



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