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Oh boy...


How deep are your bubble flares and is the metal cut back to match the arc under the bubble? 


Just to let you know Google the term " Wheel and Tire Calculator " and this tool should give you enough data to figure out what setup you can go with. Carnal knowledge is different for every car, or someones idea of the right look can vary.


Be prepared to get a little flaming if you intend to just do this for a "Stance" or anything associated with that word.

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that was a good thread ... had some good pics but got way out of hand too quick......sometimes i wish we didnt wreck threads like that ... love all the pics of indys ruby ,......id ask fr a pass to his pb account but im sure its got a billion pics in it 

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I agree jrock.


Maybe this one can be a good place to post fitment pictures of cars done right and some that are not. 





Some stretch (Not bad) but overall very clean. I do not know the owner.



mmm sexy !!!

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indy can u give me specs on the esm wheels u ran .. the 16"  u can post a pic and the specs please i would love u i loved those wheels on there and wish i would bought a set for a car even though they were a tough fit \

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