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L20 flywheel


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I believe that I've got a flat-spot on my 6-bolt flywheel; I've swapped out the starter, thinking that it might have been free-spinning because the shaft didn't kick out, but after swapping it out, I'm pretty sure that the flywheel is the problem.


Has anybody re-rung their flywheel, or do they just grab another one? Are all 6-bolt flywheels the same for Datsuns? 280z flywheel work?

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Sorry, they will all interchange and physically bolt up to any L/Z motor. As for clutches, only cars with the matching 200mm clutch/flywheel are the '80-'81 200sx with the Z20E motor (possibly the '82-'83 with the Z22E) and any other L20B powered car. All 620/720 trucks are either 225mm or 240mm.

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In the event that I can't find another good flywheel any time soon, is this a reasonable option? Has anybody ever re-rung a flywheel before?




It's the roadster flywheel ring-gear. It seems that it's the minimal approach to getting what I need done. Any clues on what it costs to get a flywheel re-rung?

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I have my doubts as to weather the roadster flywheel or starter ring will fit an L or Z flywheel. As far as I know the only thing in common is the 200mm pressure plate and clutch assy.


The old ring can be cut with a saw and removed. To put the new one on, cool the flywheel in the freezer while heating the ring in a 400 degree oven. Quickly place the hot ring over the cold flywheel and tap quickly into place.

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YOu have a 200 mm 6 bolt from a car. like a 77-79 200sx and any maybe 610s and 710 that had L20 in there.Truck L20s use the bigger 225mm or maybe a 240mm


I believe Napa, Rockauto or maybe others might have new ring gears if you think its bad and a machine shop will put it on. So you can sgtill use you roadster set up or maybe Ted has one in Yelm.

Fidanza has aluminum ones for about 380$

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You can replace the ring gear at home. Place the flywheel in the freezer and heat the ring gear in the oven (with your wife's permission) at 350-425 degrees. Quickly slip the hot gear over the cold flywheel and tap into place... easy.


To remove the old damaged one just grind away metal until it splits.

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My FSMs all say when working with the flywheel never to drop it. I always thought... Duh. But they never say this about equally heavy parts like the crank or head. Dropping could cause the flywheel to flex like a rubber ball and the ring could pop off.

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Based on the way the ring gear sits against the flywheel, there will be no hack-sawing of the old ring gear -- there's no way for the hacksaw to go across the ring gear without cutting into the flywheel itself.


I've read that using a torch and a metal chisel is an alternative solution. I've got a torch. I've got a chisel...



As for a new starter, any thoughts to the value of a reduction gear starter? The stock compression ratio on the L16 is something like 8.6:1. Mine is upwards of 9.58:1. Is that so high that a reduction gear starter is a good option? Or will the stock starter suffice?

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All 6 bolt L and Z will interchange but some are different weights. I have seen a 29 and a 21 lb 225mm wheel. Identical otherwise.


sorry to hijack, but thats absolutely true? i can put an Z24 flywheel on an L20? if so then i dont have to worry about gettin the last L series flywheel at the yard.

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