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PL510 Wagon Rear Disc Conversion


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Ended up doing weld on brackets. 3/8" 12L14 CRS, because it was free. Trimmed the stock backing plate to only hold in the axle. Ebrake works too.







So then the question, why do you want S13 brakes? Because parts availability. You can get brake components from any manufacturer you can think of and then some.

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Because unlike the sedans or the trucks, the back side of the axle flange is not flat which does not provide a reliable mounting surface. And with using both the S13 rotor and caliper there wasnt much room for having the bracket take place of the drum brake backing plate.


I really wanted to make this into a kit to sell, but after looking at a few things, I determined that anyone who would buy it could also fab it up himself.


The bracket was made with a drill/holesaw, and a angle grinder. Anyone could make one.

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