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how do you identify a crank


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The L20B has larger main bearings and will not fit the L16 or L18 block unless they are turned down.


The L16/18 crank has five flywheel bolts in the end. An L20B and Z20/22/24 has six. The L20B usually has 'U60' cast on the rear throw.

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If you were to turn the L20B mains down to fit the L18 block you could over bore 1 mm to 85mm and fit Z20E (31.75) flat top pistons on L16 (133mm) rods. This would give you a 1950cc motor with an open chamber L20B head compression of 10.2 Basically an L20B in an L18 block. The drawback is the very short deck/rod length which would add side load to the pistons and not be good for high revs. This is why the L20B is 2cm taller than the L16/18.

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yea mike. i think thats what he did. i dont rember all the info on the motor .i came in a dime i bought 6years back.it had a holley carb onit. I blew the ring walls out in the#1 piston and never got around to fixing it i do belive that it was a 120 crank with L16 rods and a z piston that was milled to a flat top it revd nice.didnt last long. Iam just thinking of building a L motor and looking at all the stuff i have and going with the craziest i can come up with :lol::lol:

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