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weird issue


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i am having a weird issue on the Pathfinder. if i have the headlights on i can watch them dim and flair at random. and its not just the headlights its ALL lights, fan, radio, basically all electrical. yes i know the AC compressor kicks in and out causing fluxes like this usually but i dont think htis is the case here. sometimes it wont do it for 10 min and other times it pulses in and out for 20 min. change in engine speed does NOT effect it, turning on the AC does NOT effect it.


so what do you guys think? alt on the way out???? i hope not because thats not a cheap one. and if it is do you thing with a pulley swap a KA alt would work? i have not looked yet so i dont even know WHERE it is on the VG.

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alt and bat checked out fine. i did notice though a REALLY loose AC b elt. that could be the issue. i will extend the length of my test leads so i can see what its doing on a DVOM next time i drive it at night. any othertime the truck works like a dream.

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