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i want to purchase a 1200 coupe... any leads?


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looking around for one, i remember seeing a BRE painted one in my area(seattle) a few weeks back but now the posting is gone. Does anyone know the seller? or Does anyone else have one or know of someone that might be interested in selling?


testing the waters right now, i already posted a wanted add here and on craigslist, just looking to see whats out there.


free beer to cool guys that can get me good leads! My wife works at a brewery in Lynnwood :0)



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did you ever find one? .. I have one that is a project .. I have been working on it but just have not had time to finish and need a new mountian bike more than a third car. send me an email or phone number or text and I can send pics .. I am 1 1/2 hours from Oregon boarder California. I also have a contact for a transporter that lives in Washington. The car has all the parts to convert to a A14 (a rebuilt one comes with car along with a spare cylinder head) and a 5 speed, and the diff just needs the spacer for the diff. I have 2-3 intakes and 2-3 exhuasts and a canon intake with weber side draft. The only part missing on the car is seats .. I have a clean set of honda accord seats I can throw in. looking for 2000 obo or a trade. Car has a badly repaired dent on driverside and a little cancer under the hood hinges. all the glass is good and has stock wheels with great tread on the tires. I will take pics this week and post an ad in the classified section.

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