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A10 Kaido racer build

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*EDIT*This thread was formally known "A Kid and His First Datsun"


Hey people my name is mason I'm 16 and just bought my first car this past weekend. Over the past year I've fell in love with Datsun and other classic Japanese. I've spent the last 12 months studying and researching vintage Japanese cars and Japanese culture from the seventies and eighties. I've also spent the last year earning and saving my money so that I could complete two goals of mine 1) buy a first car with my own money and not my parents 2) buy an classic/vintage car for my first car. so about a month ago a guy replied my wanted ad and said he had a 1978 Datsun 510 with 56,xxx miles, from then on I was hooked on this car.


I went to check the car the day after we got around six inches of snow. even tho is was freezing outside the carbureted car started right. a week later I went and bought the car and drove it home, it was the first time the car had been driven in years and who knows how long its been since its been on the high way.


16743753966_acdf53970a_c.jpgphoto 5 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

16768405931_100d4e3acd_c.jpgphoto 1 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

16582047028_bb51dccf46_c.jpgphoto 2 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

16147305394_a4b19de7f0_c.jpgphoto 1 by muddogduffey, on Flickr


L20B with a weber carb and headers

16768460901_7701896bd0_c.jpgphoto 5 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

16582049258_b2440b5d8c_c.jpgphoto 4 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

16583465779_2b9e797cf2_c.jpgphoto 3 by muddogduffey, on Flickr



and now its time to start wrenching and build a sweet kyusha/shakotan inspired car.


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showed the car to some friends. got some jokes about buying a rusty old car (thats what they see) but overall most of them loved the car.


16768484722_ce8a8fdc0a_c.jpgphoto 3 by muddogduffey, on Flickr


going to make shift nob out of this old grenade i had


16562367687_be6287e8c9_c.jpgphoto 2 by muddogduffey, on Flickr


i love the hot rod style blue jewel tail lights


16768480261_c249fe1a4b_c.jpgphoto 4 by muddogduffey, on Flickr


also through one my illest stickers on the window

16581997578_f7368aefe7_c.jpgphoto 4 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

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  • 1 month later...

long overdue for an update



16743638317_9a795a4c76_c.jpgphoto 5 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

painted the cam cover


16949685242_a47a49f50b_c.jpgphoto 1 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

came home from school to find my car like this, "perks" of owning an import with an american muscle car and truck family


16704856304_b594561563_c.jpgphoto 1 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

i was driving down the highway the other day and looked over my shoulder and realized my rear quarter window was about to fly off..... so quick fix for now lol


16707062533_8db3f2c3fd_c.jpgphoto 2 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

got these in the mail last week. t3 weld on coilover sleeves with 200lb spring rate


17301349966_e3692e11d1_c.jpgphoto 3 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

last sunday was when the kyusha/shakotan transformation began


17139518718_ddaf9a0342_c.jpgphoto 4 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

maxed out the coils and didn't weld them, used the original spring perch. the ride is a lil bumpy but i'm a dumb teenager who could care less about back pains and headaches lol. there is zero suspension travel and around a millimeter or two between the tire and fender. i still need to lower the rear (hopefully this weekend).


17139518718_ddaf9a0342_c.jpgphoto 4 by muddogduffey, on Flickr

before an after



i will try to update this more often as the build should start progressing a little faster now.

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  • 1 month later...

long overdue for another update lol


first off the car has been lowered in the rear by cutting the springs. also ive installed aftermarket steering wheel and fourpoint harness. i somewhat stripped the back of the interior.


18940188595_41c9226043_z.jpgFullSizeRender by mason duffey, on Flickr


18752519190_c2a24a3754_z.jpgIMG_0254 by mason duffey, on Flickr


18754011649_36805f6fbe_z.jpgIMG_0358 by mason duffey, on Flickr


18934886852_b39af7640e_z.jpgIMG_0465 by mason duffey, on Flickr


18914055726_fb455046ff_z.jpgIMG_0466 by mason duffey, on Flickr


18752654828_6ed55e4fbd_z.jpgIMG_0672 by mason duffey, on Flickr



18754118259_49973cc8d5_z.jpgIMG_0673 by mason duffey, on Flickr


18943220531_5f652b8a39_z.jpgIMG_0680 by mason duffey, on Flickr


18914066896_afc39cf526_z.jpgIMG_1605 by mason duffey, on Flickr

my exhaust shoots sparks going down the road from it being so low, might as well straight pipe it lol


still have some new stuff to put on here that i dont have pictures of will try to update more as more is going to happen with the car as I prep for import alliance in july

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  • 1 month later...

time for a HUGE update


20184896806_d7eed68870_k.jpgIMG_1700 by mason duffey, on Flickr

my Tsurikawa came in and i love it!!


19590184673_6005d7c326_k.jpgIMG_2442 by mason duffey, on Flickr

got the car up on a lift at exhaust shop, had to jack up each corner to get the lift under the car


19590184673_6005d7c326_k.jpgIMG_2442 by mason duffey, on Flickr

this is what it looks like to drag your exhuast on the road for a month, around 2 days after i took this pic the exhuast got ripped off while i was driving. luckily it came off on a back road not the highway. finally got the car straight piped.


19590181823_8467e5090e_k.jpgIMG_2453 by mason duffey, on Flickr

at a drifting event i went to ran into a 1200 coupe, going to be buying a fourspeed trani off him to put into the a10.


20202959082_f6bb6cca72_k.jpgIMG_2623 by mason duffey, on Flickr

on 4th of July i decided to fix the primer fender on the car and with IA right around the corner i deecided to go all out japanese.


20024546389_c82f8f4492_k.jpgIMG_2624 by mason duffey, on Flickr

any guesses?


20216882181_1334a3708d_k.jpgIMG_2628 by mason duffey, on Flickr

oh yea!


20202954122_11a6330406_k.jpgIMG_2641 by mason duffey, on Flickr

everywhere i go i people give me wierd looks or smiles haha


20024540109_f216f33982_k.jpgIMG_2721 by mason duffey, on Flickr

the most boso style thing i have done to the car, every where i go when i have them on, i break necks. (the pipes are removable)


20024537389_2b4ecc91be_k.jpgIMG_2726 by mason duffey, on Flickr

the pipes are 7.5 feet long and around 8.5 feet tall when on the car.


20024537389_2b4ecc91be_k.jpgIMG_2726 by mason duffey, on Flickr

and to think it was stock five months ago


20202944242_fb2a287283_k.jpgIMG_2854 by mason duffey, on Flickr

it was finally here the day i had been waiting for since i got the car. Import Alliance was finally happening, me and some friends drove down for saturday. i drove a couple hours with the boso pipes on, i was constantly getting pictures and looks.


20184869056_d5ba873304_k.jpgIMG_3104 by mason duffey, on Flickr

while in line to get in a guy slapped a sticker on my winshield and said "nice datsun dude". little did i know what that sticker was for.... i was taken out of the normal line and sent into a different area than my friends, i assumed they were going to normal parking becuase they were in a chryser. they decided to put me in as a showcase car, which meant tons to me because it showed that even tho my car is only at the beginning of the build it was already getting noticed. throughout the day the car had a constant crowd around it, i was always getting questions and commpliments. i loved the fact that people actually liked the Bosozoku inspiration my car has.


mycar also got noticed a bunch on social media, here are a few:

20202936882_1f1295336b_b.jpgIMG_3108 by mason duffey, on Flickr

20216862961_e7475c12ed_b.jpgIMG_3111 by mason duffey, on Flickr

20023103370_f8e6344c92_b.jpgIMG_3219 by mason duffey, on Flickr


20216869461_73987aa37d_k.jpgIMG_3225 by mason duffey, on Flickr

picked up a brand new unused corbeau seat i believe this seat is from the seventies or eighties, correct me if im wrong. sadly about 5 minutes after this picture was taken my friend was backing out of his driveway and half ran over it, the seat is currently being recovered and will then be put in the datsun.


20024523259_01578bc4a5_b.jpgIMG_3296 by mason duffey, on Flickr

also my car got posted on @ricedoutjunk which for those of you who dont know is the biggest ricer posting page on instagram. after they posted this pictures so many people unfollowed them and comment hate to them about how boso isnt rice haha.


tommorow i will post plans and thoughts for how the car will be built this winter as it will be in hibernation from October till March

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Of all the Rising Suns, that is the most irreprochable I can find. It is perfect to my eyes. Good job!

I agree looks good

Are you going to flare it?

Also hope you have some supports on the exhaust, you have a lot of leverage with 7ft of pipe

Keep up the work

Start fighting the worm



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  • 3 months later...

So it’s been months since I’ve even looked at ratsun mainly because my Datsun died. I was driving home from work one day and the car was starting to get hot and I got in the slow lane and the temp just kept rising. I got off at the closest exit and pulled into a car wash parked it and turned it off I opened the hood and saw something every car enthusiast never wants to see, coolant running down the block. The head gasket was toast.


I figured me and a couple friends could change the gasket in a weekend, I ordered the gasket and waited. It was a nice sunny day and we started tearing it apart it all went by great everything came apart perfectly. We got the gasket on and went to put it all back together; we set the head on it and went to put the chain around the cam sprocket. That’s when we noticed something wasn’t right; it looked like the chain was missing a link or two we couldn’t figure it out. I quickly went to ratsun and searched "l20b head gasket change" and then I read about the chain tensioner.....

23142770622_06e03bccfb_k.jpgIMG_3950 by mason duffey, on Flickr

The car was then pronounced dead until further notice


22836584470_d01352d531_k.jpgIMG_3954 by mason duffey, on Flickr


23142767892_7ad434e57f_k.jpgIMG_4163 by mason duffey, on Flickr

The car has sit in my garage ever since. I know what needs to be done to reset the chain tensioner. But the problem is I can’t get the crank pulley off? 

I NEED YOUR HELP!! I’m a body work kind of person, it’s what I’m in school for and quite frankly i hate motor work but i refuse to take it to a shop I want to fix it myself or with friends so that i can gain the knowledge.


23132396555_a40c4ebb05_k.jpgIMG_4669 by mason duffey, on Flickr

This is now how low it is. I completely took the springs out of the rear, now I have to lower the front another inch or so to level it out. and yea yea i know a bunch of people here are gonna say that’s unsafe and dumb but im one of those kids who likes stanced cars and tilted wheels;)


23133464745_2778d4a78c_k.jpgIMG_4098 by mason duffey, on Flickr

List of what im doing to the car some of these have already been ordered and shipped. Big things coming once I get it runnning

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I would suggest just pulling the engine at this point. The time lost in pulling it will be made up for in the ease of doing the job.


But either way, there are a couple of things you can do.


Get some pb blaster and hose the crank where the pulley fits over it. Then get a rubber/plastic mallet and bang your way around the pulley then try wiggling it free. Rinse and repeat.


Or get a pulley puller, 3 jaw style, and use that to pull it off. They rent them at parts stores.

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Put a long breaker bar on crank bolt ,, open up trans inspection plate , exposing torque converter,, wedge a thick.large, heavy duty screw driver in space between converter and flex plate.. Wedge the living shit out of the screw driver ,,,,,,,,, reef on front .


If you have the bolt off,, do as above mentioned,, pulley should come of with plastic/rubber mallet..

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So I found a guy who is selling an l16 with a l18 head with header, weber carb, and msd ignition, and 4spd trani for 300 bucks. I'm thinking about buying it and swapping it in then building the l20b while running the new motor for awhile. Would that be a good idea?

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and to think it was stock running car just five months ago

You are moving backwards. Smashed fender, side window, exhaust, blown gasket.... I don't care what you make the car look like on the outside.. whatever. It's now unsafe to drive but the good thing is...it isn't running.
1/ these do not belong on the rear of your car. Period! They are adjustable coil overs for a front strut car. They might fit rear struts, but you don't have them. This is why they don't fit or work on your car. The thing to do is get them off and maybe you can use them on the front or sell them. You have rear coil springs, so trim a coil off and try the fit for height. Get new shock absorbers. Running without springs and welded? shock, am I reading this right? No suspension travel? This isn't stupid it's way beyond that, to dangerous. You have no bounce control or damping and are running on the bouncy air in the tires. This can lead to run away lifting of the tires from the pavement and it will happen. 
2/ Fix what you have. I don't expect you to have known about the timing chain tensioner. So take note that there are some things that you don't know. This will cost you about 6 hrs. of extra work. What you have, is a known good L20B needing a $50 set of gaskets. What you don't need is an unknown used up old L18 even for free. Don't go backwards, learn from this and go forward...

Loosen but don't remove the crank pulley bolt. Usually a 24mm socket? and a breaker bar wedged against the frame, coil wire off so it won't atart and gently bump the starter to loosen it.
Set motor to TDC compression stroke on #1 and place in neutral so someone doesn't lean on truck and bump the motor off.
Remove battery cable
Drain coolant, remove rad and shroud. Don't let your dog drink that shit.
Remove (2) distributor hold down bolts and lift it with the mounting pedestal from the timing cover.
Remove crank pulley now.
Remove water pump and fan
Remove the oil pump and the drive spindle above it. It will drip oil so be ready
Remove timing cover bolts
Loosen the front and side oil pan bolts so pan can drop slightly and the timing cover can slide out to the front. Hopefully the pan gasket does not tear. Behind the timing cover on the crank is a thin concave metal 'washer' called the oil slinger... don't loose it.

Clean all mating surfaces.
Install head with cam sprocket on, you don't have to tighten it down yet.
Install chain while holding tensioner deep into it's holder.
Install timing gasket DRY.
Install timing cover. Oil pan and head are 'loose' so should slip into place.
If pan gasket is torn, cut the front off a new one and instal with a dab of RTV in each corner to seal it. Top gasket under the head only has to seal fumes and some oil spray in so seal with RTV. Install timing cover. Other than mentioned all gaskets go on dry without sealer or silicone.

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He said he has cut rear springs to get that height,, if you look at pics it is lower in front before the rear came down,.. That was my take on it anyway..   I think the "no suspension travel at all" was just a figure of speech-ish ... I'm sure to my back it would be as bad as riding a skateboard but he's young and ,,,,,,,,,, well you know.

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Well first off it might help if you read my post a little more thoroughly the t3 sleeves are on the front of the car I'm not retarded it. The fender was wrecked before I bought it so you can't say that was my fault. And it was in cut springs we cut 1.5 coil out of it. Land I don't have a good l20b I have a l20b that someone didn't take care of the Pistons have more carbon build up than anything I've ever seen. I'm no expert at all but I know Pistons arent suposed to have an 1/8 inch of of black crud on top of them. The chain tensioner popped out and the crank pulley is cracked. Also I have a very bad 3spd automatic. And well quite frankly I'm doing what I want call me a river call me a stupid stance kid i don't care. The car is gonna get springs in the rear with new shocks. And it's gonna be low enough to scrape frame. Ever heard of frame bang gang?

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