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somebody got pointers on removing a 510 fuse box?


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Well it may be a retarded questionn but man, mine has those 1970 phillips head screws counter sunk into the box!! I'm afraid to use a impact driver cause I don't wanna break a good box. theirs just no way to get in too the screw closest to the firewall. I need to clean all the contacts on mine so I can start sorting out the electrical system.

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A #3?? pretty sure mine are a # 2 headed screw I tried a 3 it was to fat.Somebody might have replaced it at sometime ?? maybe lol I'm gonna go buy a good #2 philips socket tammara, and try that. If that don't work I'm just gonna smash it to hell then I'll feel better.

I'd like to find the litte japanese bastard that put all those P.O.S phillips head fastners in these cars, and kick him him in the mother F'ing NUTS!!!!

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Take the hood off the car so you can get some bite on the head of the screw with the screwdriver. Use a larger size phillips so it makes full contact. Before you try to turn it, hit the screwdriver with a hammer to help break it loose.

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Yea the hood is not on the car I did,nt know you could see the bottom side of them that's good I'll just use a little heat from my little propane torch to help realse them. Worked like a charm getting my steering coloum out. Did I metion how much I hate these fastners? Urrrrrrrggggg!

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Yea I'm a fastner freak I try never to use old nuts and bolts and I seem to spend a lot of money on ss stuff. Nothing erks me worse than seeing a sweet car,bike with rusty bolts it drives me crazy. I,m gonna put ss socket caps back in this fuse box once I get it out and ever thing else I replace

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