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Roadster vin decoder

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I just scored a Datsun Roadster and want to find out more information on the vin. Judging by my vin, it seems like I have a low number production car and just want to find a reliable source to verify. Judging from what I've found so far, it seems that I now own a rare Roadster. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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I do not know about roadsters, but I have tracked a few serial numbers on 521 trucks.

The format of a 521 serial number is PL521 XXXXXX.  The "X" is just a number, that increases with later date of manufacture.

However, I have a date of manufacture on PL521 567872 as 05/71.  PL521 590724 was made 06/71. 

Assuming the first truck was made on May 1, and the second June 30, that is 22,852 PL 521 trucks made in two months

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My vin plate says it's a 1964 under model year however, I've found that roadster vins have the year in the vin as the first digit after spl310. My vin is as follows: spl310-3-00005 C. So according to what I've found so far and what my vin states, my roadster is actually a 63 and number 5 in production. This sounds to good to be true and I just want to verify.

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Go look on the registry on 311s.org. And get that car on there if it's not already. The 310's are cool and all but the 311's from 66 forward have much better brakes and hydraulics. Sounds like you found an early one for sure. I owned spl311 105 for a brief moment in time. She went to live with someone who just had to have her.

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I'd make a post over on 311s.org to see if someone there might be able to help you. That being said, I did find something that says the '63 and '64 numbers are not necessarily sequential and that numbers 00001-00086 were produced later in the run than cars with a later VIN.



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I made an account on 311s.org and posted questions. My roadster has a single su carb and apparently only 300 were made with the single carb and the rest had dual carbs. I'm slowly finding more and more info.

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Datsun used a chassis numbering scheme [pre VIN] that began the number with Zero for the first year and incrementing that digit by One fro suceeding years. That would put your roadster in the fourth year of production. I do not understand the trailing letter "C" so ask the gurus at 311s.org

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Sorry, keeping it all original. After posting many engine, frame and vin plate pictures on 311s.org, it's been confirmed that it's a 63 that was sold in 64 by pure luck it's stayed original all these years. The guys on 311s.org have been an invaluable source on everything I'm learning about this gem.

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