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Idle hands: assorted projects

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Not a whole lot going on with the xj for now. I did stop being lazy and got around to swapping injectors.




These are the stock injectors from my mustang that I've had sitting in a box in the corner for years.  Before I started I thought they were closer in physical size than they actually ended up being so this wasn't quite as bolt in as I had hoped. I had to get a little creative bending up some tabs to hold down the fuel rail, but they're in there now.




Also had some reflective insulation laying around from another project so added some to the rail and #3 and #4 injectors.


While I was in there I decided I'd go ahead and start getting a feel for what I'd need to do to get my second battery tray in.






I knew from other write ups that the ecu would need to get flipped out of the way, but it kinda looked to me like there may be some clearance issues around the power steering res as well.

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Finally started tearing down the spare engine in preparation for taking it to the machine shop.  The block actually looks pretty good.




All of the rod bearings are fairly worn and #6 is toast, but this is the worst of the mains.




This was sold to me with low compression...




These things will happen when your compression ring comes out in two pieces.


Otherwise the worst thing about this block is the snapped ps pump bolt.




In other news I found a little service trail on my way home the other day.







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More parts.




Went to the yard the other day. Managed to pull a tupy head for the rebuild as well as a spare intake, spare front axles, and a somehow intact clutch fan shroud.


Then some other parts got delivered.






The offset wasn't as much as I was hoping for out of the fairlead, but it is enough to place the nut in the recessed section of the winch mount so I shouldn't have to run spacers.


I will be mounting the control box under the hood so I will need to make a couple of longer cables to reach the winch.  Hoping to get that all done Friday before headed out for some wheeling Saturday. 

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Winch install.




Bumper had to come off since it wouldn't fit passed the lower edge. Then the bumper had to come back off so I could make a slot to pass the clutch lever through.


Trying to decide if I'm going to keep the light.




Installed, tested, and rope stretched.




Also finally picked up a compressor for the Jeep that fits nicely in a tool bag I've had laying around for a while.



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Well, it has begun and you can guess how it is going to go.




Got my first top side look at the floors, and only broke one seat bolt in the process.




​​​​​​The sound deadening was structural.




Passenger side pan has seen better days.




Driver side is better at least.




Rough cut done and frame rail spot welds cut out. Still have some trimming, grinding and cleaning to do before i can do a proper test of the floor pan and welding.


The hazard fraught spot weld cutter did the trick, and for $5. I hope to never need it again. Have I mentioned I don't like doing body work?


​​​​​​​More to follow when I quit being lazy.

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All welded up and a light smack with the flap disc.


Also got the little square behind that pan patched up as well. With that out of the way I turned my attention to the driver seat mount.


Not in great shape, but raided my scrap pile and came up with something that should get the job done.



Still need to clean it up a bit before getting it welded in tonight.

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On 6/8/2018 at 6:46 PM, UnderControl said:

Trying to decide if I'm going to keep the light.






I would try to tuck back a bit to protect it. Maybe even behind the winch peeking down and pointing forward if possible. 


Even better to get a couple longer ones to go in the outside grill slots. ?

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Seat mount is back in.




Driver's side rocker is cut out.




Pulled the rear flare off and unsurprisingly managed to snap every bolt holding the brackets on. Also came up with another reason to project scope creep.




I'll likely now also be doing a bit of cutting and folding before figuring how to reattach the flares.

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I got a little more done last night, not as far as I'd like to be at this point, but not far off. Got the rocker ground back. I'll be going the angle iron route for side pan tie in with the 2x6s

Roughly the patch I need to make for the driver's side side pan.

I have decided to end the new rockers at the front edge of the originals. Plus side is that I get to keep the forward of the two lower fender mounting bolts.

That was really as far as I got other than cleaning out a bunch of seam sealer. I'm beginning to understand why there is so much seam sealer everywhere.

That is not a rust hole, but actually a factory panel gap. Granted from the factory that just opened up into the rocker and not to the ground, but still.

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Didn't have much time to spend on it last night, but the 2x6 is in.



It is stitched most of the way around, but I still want to go through and finish it all off just to have 100% coverage. Also still need to crawl under to get the stiffener on and then I can move on to tie ins.

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I'm officially swearing off rusty vehicles from this point on. That panel is going to be a pain in my ass to make.


Aside from being an unholy mess the driver's side seam sealing is finished.



Then I got most of the passenger side cut away, and whipped up some templates for the sections I have to replace.


Frame rail is also stripped and ready for stiffening. I opted to use the blow torch and scraper method for getting the undercoat off and it did a great job. Not sure if it is any faster than just going at it with a grinder, but it is a heck of a lot less messy.

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On tonight's episode of "I'm spending too much time on this project", I install the last of the frame rail stiffeners and put finishing touches on the side pan patch panle before once again running out of wire for the welder.



I also have 3 of likely 5 of the panels that will be used to fix the behind the door, under the flare bit if the passenger rear quarter made and ready to get burned in after I finish the 2x6.

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I've been through about 7lbs of wire on this portion of the project. Finally in there. 


About 90% welded around. Plan for this weekend is to get it 100% welded, get the tie ins on and get it seam sealed. I will have to address the quarter panel while I'm at it so I picture a long day of working on it.

In other news I got another part in the mail.


A sensibly designed tc shift linkage.

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2x6 is all welded in now as well as the frame rail tie ins. Interior is cleaned up and areas that needed it primed.

I also started in on that rear quarter. Got the cut and fold done and most of the rusted out section replaced.


Still need to make one more piece to finish out the arch, and then I need to tie it into the inner fender before doing the final trim and paint.

Plan at present is to get the passenger side interior seam sealed tomorrow. Then on Tuesday finish the rear quarter, paint interior floor, add some sound deadening and get the passenger exterior primed and seam sealed. Then sometime between Wednesday and Friday actually get the interior put back together and the exterior painted.

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