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Idle hands: assorted projects

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In fairness the og mustang was really more of the secretary car, until Shelby got a hold of it anyway. 67 saw a fair number of changes to make the chassis more rigid and accept a larger tire.


In other news I've recently been updating garage storage and playing around with some new tools, so progress has happened, but been slow. Tonight I'm playing with some new bead roller dies. The goal is to make factory looking arches that stick out an extra 1/4-1/2 in. So far IV managed to make a near perfect 620 rear arch replacement.




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I some day hope to have the space and money for the big boy versions of the metal shaping tools I currently have. Currently the bead roller, shrinker/stretcher and the baby english wheel all mount in the same vise. Adds a lot of time and effort when making panels like this.


So far I'm pretty happy with how the flare is shaping up. Although there was a bunch of bondo in the passenger side quarter. Enough that I'm thinking a whole new quarter wouldn't be a bad idea. Alternatively I've been considering some pre-fabbed mold in glass flares.




Actually pretty stoked on this so far, but...




this had a shit load of bondo.

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Haven't had much time out in the garage of late, but what time I have had has been spent playing around with metal shaping practice. As much as I kinda like the bubble flare section I had previously made; I'd still prefer to get closer to the original contour. Lots of wheeling, shrinking, stretching, rolling and then doing it all again the opposite way I have some general idea how the tools work the metal. But sometime in the last couple of weeks I realized that I'm supposed to be relocating out of state in the fall so I really need to get this project moving. To that end as a last ditch I'm finally getting around to incorporating a wire form to help me gauge where I'm at.






The compound curves are certainly causing me some strife and at this point I'll give it to the end of the week before moving on for now. Short term a trim and a roll, plus the slight widening of the front inner tub should get me the clearance I need to fit the 245s I plan to run initially, would just be cool to have that extra bit of custom. 


I have set the goal of this thing being able to drive on to the trailer when I move, and I really want the glass in for transport so I need the metalwork done, and enough of the body work done that the glass isn't at risk.

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Moving on from frome flares for now and turned back first to that inner tub I started a while back. To recap the passenger side had a little rust in this corner. As it happens there is a vintage racing technique of widening this section of the tub for additional tire clearance within rules. I'm not worried about rules, but anyway. Since this side had rust I needed to cut back some more and patch back up.






Still needs some trimming/finishing, but good enough to get the inner tub section made.

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Been pretty busy with various other projects lately. I had spent a good bit of time working on shaping panels to fill in between the rear lower quarter and the trunk pan, but as has happened before, with the amount of time I have into it, plus the time to finish then do it again for the other side I just decided to buy the panels. While waiting for those I did do something I guess can be called picture worthy.




This was the sketchiest spring removal I've done to date, so lucky me, I get to do it again on the other side. With the exception of getting the ball joints out of the spindle everything came apart pretty easily.


Current plan is to get the arms cleaned up, new bushes and ball joints, some grand am inspired bracing and naturally the Shelby/arning drop. Already have the disk brakes and hubs, and still undecided on if I'm going to move to an adjustabler strut rod.

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