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Idle hands: assorted projects

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I feel like this is going to be awesome :)

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It is going to be something alright. Starting off pretty slow on this one, but have managed to get the interior stripped minus doors and headliner.










Floors are pretty solid, a few more pin holes than I would like, but still the most rust free project I've had in a while. With the front glass out and seal mostly cleaned out I got a look at the root around the rim.




It ain't pretty, but it isn't through either. Might be able to get away without having to cut and patch it.

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I thought you said no more rusty projects...   😁

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On 11/15/2018 at 7:54 PM, datsunfreak said:

I thought you said no more rusty projects...   😁

I know, I know. I've technically owned this one for close to 15 years though, so couldn't really let it go without fixing what my neglect caused.  Still a lot less rot than was ok my daily when I bought it.


I have managed to strip the rest of the interior and trunk other than the passenger door where the window winder is being fickle about coming off. Should have some parts starting to roll in over the next couple of weeks.

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With the interior stripped out I got a bug up my ass to start getting a look at the known rust areas. The one from my last pic above turned out to be not so bad.




The other corner on the other hand was a little less lucky.




As I worked my way around the car I found that several of the paint bubbles were due to poor prep rather than actual rust spots, so that was cool.  What was less cool was finding that whoever did the last semi-resto subscribed to the jackass's guide to rust repair.




Hard to tell in the pic, but that is about 3/16s of an inch of bondo.  While that is the deepest I've found so far it is not the only area where this "repair" was made.




The rest of the left rear quarter is pretty clean other than a couple holes around the arch.




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Finally got myself a shop duster. I love old tools, and CL on the rare occasion you find a good deal on there.







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Looks like stress fractures in the window corner, if I see it right. Is this usual for Mustangs?

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20 hours ago, Aibast said:

Looks like stress fractures in the window corner, if I see it right. Is this usual for Mustangs?


I think what you're seeing there is some pitting in an area where 3 panels join. No fracturing that I've seen so far.


Well, I got the driver's seat mount out and I'm thinking I should abandon the idea of getting away without doing floor pans. Not that these aren't salvageable, but good quality replacements are so cheap that it just isn't worth the effort of making patch panels.




Some more fine work from a past life.




I was gonna pull the passenger side mount out too, but was laughing too hard and called it a night.



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Got out to the garage for a bit last night. Started by getting my Dexter on to help keep dust localized to the work area.




Got the passenger seat riser out although I didn't take any pics of that. I did however play with some lighting for a night sky effect.








Also got to playing around with the old HF pressure pot blaster and came to two conclusions. First being that my compressor will in fact keep up with my use of it and second being that some modification will be required to get it to actually feed worth a damn. When you can get it to feed it does the job.



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