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Datsun motors in carpet cleaning machines!!

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So I work for a carpet cleaner. and the other day his machine breaks and water is just shooting everywhere. and he is freaking out. so i take a quick peak inside and low and behold. there is a brand new A series motor in there!! so when we take it to the shop I ask questions about it. It turns out its a A-15 with a different head so it has power at low rpm. and other then that its the same motor that goes in the 210's. but there is a couple differences. Its fuel injected!!!


its a throttle body injection so it bolts up to the carb intake manifold. and would work perfectly on a L-series if you had a spot for a o2 sensor and a little bit of other custom stuff.


I have trying to aquire one of these to test it out. but ordering it through the shop the motor is 6000 dollars. i laughed at the guy when he said that. but he was serious.


its a older prochem everest machine. the new ones use hyudai motors or however you spell that.

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