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new 710 Dash Pad from E / Bay!

Guest jaimesix

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Guest jaimesix



I won a Dash Pad new, w no cracks at all for my ship! I was awaiting in wonder , and today upon arriving this evening, I see a long box!!!!:D


Yes, my dash!!!!!:)



Houston....we have trouble....Tom Hanks....do you hear me??? answer that phone..!!!! Do you ???????:(:(:(


The box was bent!:eek:


I opened the box, and there it was, a supposed unblemished dash pad....cracked, almost split in two!!!! damn Post Office guy ( he is a sloth, I am sure it is that sloth of a slow to the 100th power mailman!!!:mad: )... probably stuffed the box in his mini van and destroyed the dash pad!!!!



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Guest jaimesix

Imposible to get another one. It would be extremely rare to have a seller with 2 brand new dash pads in stock, I think this owas the only one.


If insured , that is a subject that is relevant to the sender, the person sending the parcel. The seller will be able to ask the Post Office for a refund.

I did not pay for delivery, I have no bearing in the transaction involving shipping, I do have rights over the transaction involving purchase.

The seller replied to me a few minutes ago after I sent him pictures of the dash pad. He will give me a refund, that is cool. back to square zero, I really wanted the dash pad, it was new!!!! what a bummer, those idiots at these delivery companies are terrible with packages.


What a way to see a dash pad in excellent shape (for the last 30 + years) go to waste in such a silly manner.:(


The box looks as if it did get pushed and shoved into a truck....what kind of animals do work at these delivery companies ( UPS/FEDEX/USPS/DHL....all are the same...seen them all!!!)



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Guest jaimesix

Yes, it cracked through, what a waste. The guys at the post office are such imbeciles, seems like this long box was pushed to fit in some place and they broke it.


Retarded imbeciles....I have no words to describe this stupid action.:mad:

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i would be down there ripping them a new asshole jaime shove the broken dashpad up the deliverymans ass he will learn real quick to be more carful


Or beat him with it. Swing batter batter swing!

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