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help bonvo pic a paint color



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  1. 1. what color?

    • plum crazy purple
    • san marino blue
    • other (post pic of color in reply)

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ok guys my 610 is finally FINALLY going to paint the body shop that is doing it is backed up till summer so i have some time to figure out what color to paint it im seriously torn between 2 colors one is 


plum crazy purple 





th other is nissan san marino blue 





for all the newbs who never venture into the 610 section and havnt seen the 90 page build thread here is the car







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Top Posters In This Topic

dad really liked blue and for some reason he though silver would look good on this car he couldnt explain why he hated silver lol

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For some reason I am partial to the purple.. and I'm not a fan of purple.

same here im not sure why but i think plum crazy purple would look bad ass on this car but i also really love the blue 

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Are you going to paint the door jams too? .. if not, the dark blue might be the better color for a black engine bay and black door jams





thanks for that indy my old computer with photoshop is having booting issues so i cant photoshop at the moment but that helps lol im not doing the jams the interior is going to remain stripped and im using roll on bed liner for interior coloring so jams will be black to match the engine bay 

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