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DatsunNippon carshow/swapmeet at Eagle Rock


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Does anyone need wagon hatches. I got 3 of them. 1 is just about perfect and the other 2 are very very doable. Pm if you want and i will bring to the show. Also I have a almost perfect 12o rear deck lid with the inner liner.Agin pm and i will send you pics.


Also a 69 510 Dash not perfect but almost complete minus the instrument cluster i believe

And a normal 510 dash complete.

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So i will be bringing all this stuff to the swap meat.lol


The blue wagon hatch door might be spoken for.

and the only thing in the pictures i don't have already is the bumpers and the grill.

There is even a really bad ass 1200 trunk lid that is like perfect all the way around.

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Looking for a 63 Datsun 320 fuel tank original preffered if anybody has one please pm me



Looking for a 1200 coupe rear window...



Try http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/category/3-datsun-parts/?sort_key=date_added&sort_order=desc

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We will soon have a Datsun Festival ONLY! hopefully in the mid year.

i want it to have it in March but it did not go through. We will keep you guys posted!   

What about April or May?

I need another chance to bring my dime :sneaky:

Any B-210 jdm bumpers or Euro bumpers?

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