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we tried again to take marvin for a drive and again we have brakes hanging up 

not sure yet if it is front calipers or somewhere in the lines 

I thought we were all good but MARVIN is a fighter 

well if I cant drive him I will bolt more parts on him 



driving FAIL 

waiting for brakes to loosen up 




bought some new hardware 


missing key parts for complete install but the top is mounted 


front bumper is getting installed 



top installed but missing latches and posties and twisties 



what are your opinions on the MARVIN plate 

where should I install it 

it is to low hanging under the front plate as that was my first option 

and the parking cops are now writing tickets for no front plate 


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Is there chrome under those door handles?

yes they will get cleaned or changed 

I hate the painted door handles 

whoever painted this car had green paint on the wires, dash, gauges,windows  etc

the engine bay was painted black and with the same results all wires, brake lines, master cylinders engine identification plate, etc all painted black    

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finally got to drive the roadster more than a mile 

my friend Larry came over and we cracked one brake  line at a time loose all the way to the last one that goes to the master cylinder, when I cracked that one loose the calipers were still stuck ,so we pulled that line ran a wire through it ,blew compressed air through it in both directions we re installed the line  and left the line loose on the splitter until we had brake fluid coming out of it , we then hooked it up and tightened it and the brakes are working fine now .

we took the car for a parts run to larry's house approx 15 mile round trip with no issues 

then we came back and installed most of the posties and twisties and also fixed a fuel leak on the return line 

I also installed the hood chrome 




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we drove marvin to the club meeting with no issues I wasn't feeling good and forgot to take some pics with the local datsuns 

maybe I add a link to my friends Face book because he took some pics 

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"It's not easy being green."

Kermit the Frog

Good job so far. I have the Volvo swap on mine and ame just about to put in the RX-7 rear end. That will give me LSD and disks in the rear. All of this is very well documented over on 311s.org. Keep at it. Some times these cars are hard to wake up after a long sleep but worth all of the effort. See you at Shasta.

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I drove the roadster for truck parts 

randy 3 

Marvin  3

for parts look on ebay 


ralley roadster


some parts are ridiculous priced some are normal 

if your patient you can find parts at reasonable prices 

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  • 2 weeks later...

we tried to take marvin on our local fun run on sat but we ran out of gas on the way to the gas station , dont ask me how because we have not driven the car enough nto run out the full tank that it had 

the gas gauge is not working properly and I am still working on that problem 

when we left the gas station after pushing him part way there the clutch started slipping, it seems the hydraulics are not releasing completely and after about 25 clutch pushes the slave cylinder is keeping pressure on the clutch making it slip 

it seems marvins favorite place is on jack stands 

pics later because its raining

  edit Marvin 4  Randy 3


Marvins favorite position 



made my own rear soft top bow 

1/8 x1 inch aluminum flat stock 



I am not convinced that this is the right soft top 

it might be a short windshield top on a tall frame, we will see what the sunshine does 

also all of the holes don't line up quite rite with the posties and twisties 


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went to get another z in the bay srea today 


after my 8.5 hour round trip I looked into the clutch slipping problem 

I pumped the clutch about 25 times and the clutch at that point had enough pressure to slip, I cracked the hard line loose at the master and all the pressure released ,

this led me to believe I had a bad factory brand new nissan master cylinder.... (PRETTY UNLIKELY ) so I called my friend Dave who did most of the work on the car, and he said bring it by and we could trouble shoot it together .

I trailered it top his house because I dont trust Marvin yet and we discovered something 

when Dave installed the new clutch master it had a non adjustable push rod so he removed my old one and installed it on the new maste, well he did not realize the internal part of the push rod was longer so the master was not letting all the fluid return back to the reservoir, this caused the clutch slave to return about 1/32 of an inch less with every push resulting in a slipping clutch 

we pulled the push rod and reground it to match the original one and this allowed the fluid to return to the reservoir


we drove the car home    Marvins longest drive to date   about 30 miles 



Randy 4    Marvin 4    I see a change in these numbers soon 

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we took the car out to dinner and a few errands 

everything seems to be working good now 


RANDY 5 MARVIN 4 :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t:  :w00t: URL]

I also realized the car is very small and we thought why not get a small trailer so 


the roadster will have a reciever hitch it is just sitting on the bumper 

the trailer weights about 150LBS it was designed for a motorcycle 



RL]we picked the trailer up with my little truck it looked pretty funny 


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LOL.. That looks hilarious behind the truck!


Looks super sick behind the roadster! What a cool trailer.

thats what I thought looks small behind my truck and normal behind the roadster 

I love the old look of the trailer 

aluminum frame and wood sides inside aluminum angle Iron 

seems as though someone put some time into making this trailer, I have never seen one like it before 

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