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can i mate a dogleg 5spd to a ca18det?


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i did search of course, but of course didn't see anything on this particular subject haha... Can this tranny work with the motor with a bellhousing swap or as is or should I just quest for a matching ca tranny :)



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Maybe this is what I heard a long time ago about the CA18ET 5spd. Someone said that someone said that Jeff thought.... it fit SR20 Blah Blah. This I have to check out. The starter mount looks like it's awfully high on the pass side, and the bell looks much smaller than an L/Z 5spd... will the flywheel fit inside.????


I have one as a spare for my Z24. I figgured I woudl just swap the front case. It might even have the larger front bearing in it as the C type??

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I'd say it will work. People over here use R30 gearboxes on CA18 bellhousings bolted to ca18det's to put into b210's.


Also seen people use ca20 boxes with sr bellhousing on sr20's.


SR20 gearboxes onto L series bellhousings (but requires a small bit of machining to one selector hole, and also requires the front bearings are swapped as the sr20 is larger than the L series, or machine the bearing holder in the bellhousing).


I used an fj20 box behind a Z18et (bolt up, no bellhousing swap).


Moral - It will work, but you may be swapping some bearings and possibly doing some basic machining. At a guess, I reckon straight bolt up, but you'd want to make sure the ca18 clutch plate goes onto the dogleg input spline before stuffing around.

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I have heard that the CA bolt pattern matches the Z-series and KA-series engines.


I too seem to remember hearing something about the CA bolt pattern but thought it bolted to the SR... Oh well, so much for my memory.


Bleach I went out and compared a Z series bell with the CA18E tranny.... no way it will swap. The CA bell will almost fit inside the end of the Z series bell. It's that small.


Know a 720 guy who has an S-13 Sylvia and tranny. Claims the RWD SR20ET will bolt to the Z series tranny. So should fit the KA as well. Maybe it the SR to the Z/KA??

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