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Datslocos February 2015 Fun Run


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I'm.ball in. Forsho. Can't wait. So it on. For a lil BBQ. I cook. And bring meat to put on the grill. And hot dogs.

I'm super down. For fun run.

Anyone. Down. For this. Or nah.

Hey. Big head loco Gino. Where u at.


Should. We. Do. Something. Or is. Too much.

I'm down. For. Both. Stay. N. Eat. And. Leave and hit the. Roads.

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Sorry Lil Head Loco Omar, Im down to bbq but we might not have time on sunday. Unless we end at a early enough time. Lets see how it goes. We will also be doing another fun run to mariposa and we will be able to bbq there for lunch and hang out. See all of you on sunday we can talk more then.

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Been pukin and feelin like shit since weds nite. :unsure: :sick: Finally feelin better, back on solid food. Still got shit to do on the truck,wish me luck. Hope to see ya u guys tomorrow.

Sucks bro that shit has been going around glad you feel better.Now imagine being on a all day fun run feeling like that not knowing what end its about to come out of lol. Goodluck see ya tomorrow

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Wanted to say Thank you to all of those who showed today and a Big Thanks to all that huddled around my car to brainstorm on how to keep it going. Sorry for holding us all up today i felt really bad and i knew the car wasnt ready for a trip like this but i chanced it anyways. Sorry. Thanks Again guys for all your support cant wait till the next one. 











Thanks Keo for the reserve tank. It got me home

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Great day,awesome turn out. Big Thanks to all that helped out who ever needed a hand on gettn back on the road. Willie great job on leading the pack of locos. Breaking down always sucks but it happens, its part of the package. Perfect weather, perfect roads, perfect people. I had a blast, looking forward to the next run.


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