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pricing my 710 goon

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Very new to this and want to get some feedback. I have a 1977 Yellow 710 wagon and am interested to figure out the value. It has 105,000 miles and is all original. Had the carburetor rebuilt, but otherwise untouched by me. I am the 3rd owner as far as I can figure out. I would like to know what this car is worth. Two small rust spots above the rear window on the hatch and front window. What do you all think?

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First, welcome to Ratsun, Mr. goon.


We don't have a lot of rules here but, buying or selling must be done in the Classifieds section. There are links to the classifieds at the top of every page. This forum is for discussing Datsun cars, and while discussing the value of them is fine, using it to promote a sale is not. Not saying this is the case here. So...


Many things can affect the value. Your location, desirability/collectability, rarity, condition, mileage, east or west coast, manual/automatic, upgrades to brakes/suspension even engine swaps. It's complicated and often capricious.



Your description doesn't give much to go on. I would suggest at least eight to ten good quality pictures that are well lit and in focus. Four body shots, engine compartment, interior including dash, floors and the pedals. Extra if there are 'trouble spots'.  The 710's odometer only goes to 99,999 before rolling over to 00,000 so reading 5,000 can be 105,000 or 205,000 miles so any repair bills with the mileage and dates help confirm this.

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