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'77 King Cab a/c

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That one has the deluxe badges on the fenders... Mine has (had) them too. Does anybody know what was deluxe about them? Extra chrome tape on the interior or something?


As far as the brakes go, bleed the master cylinder bleeders first if its been sitting. I pulled mine out of a field where it had been sitting for I dont know how long, I went around the wheel cylinders quite a few times and it kept feeling like the peddle was building pressure and then it would just drop to the floor. Bled the brake cylinder first and went around the brakes a couple more times and the brakes work fine other than the booster being shot...


Start from pass rear, then to drivers rear, then go to the load proportioning valve thing (it should have three bleeders on it) go from back to front. then pass side front to drivers side front. Bleed the two on the master cylinder again and just repeat the process until you have brakes.


You might already know this stuff but knowing this would have saved me a bunch of time and a lot of cussing.

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In '76-77 the Deluxe emblem meant it had bucket seats, a center console, the AM radio was factory installed, and rubber pushers on the front bumper. Non-deluxe KCs had none of those unless added by the dealer, though all were optional add-ons to the basic truck.


Yes, you could get a KC in '76-77 with a bench.

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