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Pilot Bushing


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Ok, I converted my auto to a manual. I really need to hear from the guys who have too done this conversion and if they installed a new pilot bushing in the motor or not. I cant really find a true answer to my question. Some say there is a bushing already installed to support the shaft...some say there isnt. My tranny is bolted up and in and everything seems to be ok but I am now worried. Please help.......how would I tell if it wasnt right???? I cant drive the car yet due to the driveline too long but could I tell in neautral when at idle????:confused:

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If it was an automatic engine it will not have one in it, so you will have to put one in.


OR you can drive it till the tranny lunches and put one in when you take it out to replace it then. Seriously the front of the input shaft needs support. Without the bushing it will flop around in the end of the crank shaft hole and the clutch disc will be off center. This will cause vibration and shuddering during clutch engagement.


Here's what it looks like installed:




It's just big enough to get the end of your little finger in. They are about $3 at Nissan. I used one for a Z24 in my L20B so they are all the same size if they say they don't have them for L16. Start it in with a hammer and then put a block of wood over it and drive it home. Might be easier if you take the clutch back off. It's made of sintered bronze and is 'soft'.




theres my new one that came with my kit.. its on the alignment tool


thats from your other post.. you need to take the tranny off and put the pilot bushing in.. i know thats not what you want to hear.. but thats what needs to be done :(

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