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forgotten introduction

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Just realized I never introduced myself and broke Ratsun etiquette by not posting pics of my car. It's got an l20b with sss SUs and a zx 5 speed. Its kinda rough right now but runs good and only has rust on the front floorboards. I got it 13 years ago sitting door deep in weeds. $500 got the car which was filled with parts, including ''shitty Z carbs that won't work on it'' which were the sss carbs that are still on it.








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We didn't want to be rude.


Just needs lower to be perfect....




.. oh. Was that rude?



Not rude at all Mike, the build is going to start next year after I get my tax return. It looks better with my 15s on there, but they need new tires. Hopefully I can swing new tires before spring, wife wants to go to canby.



If it has SU's but they're Z SU's, they're 44mm. The SU's that came with the I4 are 38mm. The 44s will fit on the I4 manifold but you'll have to figure out the linkages.

They're bluebird sss carbs, been on there near a decade, all it took was a little fiddling with roadster linkage.

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The SSS carbs will have 2 mounting bolts the 44s will have 4.

You are correct sir, two bolts, flat tops, 38 bores, good low end and midrange but run out of breath on the high end. Do you know if they run good with a mild cam and slight compression bump on an l20b?

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The thing to do is chuck the needles in an electric drill and sand them down in diameter near the tip. This will make the top end richer.


You could also pollish the bore and grind down the shaft the butterflies are screwed onto. JB weld that small step under the slide to smooth the air flow.


Cam will just demand more air on top end. If they are a bit short on top end this may just make it worse, or simply not reach their potential..

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