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1986 and half,,,pickup evaluation....farm truck...

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Hey guys, its the blackbomber here...I have the 84 720 4x4... I found this truck, its a farm truck. been a farm truck from day one I think..It has around 170,000 on it..Is this the first year of the hardbody??? I was thinking I could get it for a backup truck to the bomber..haven't seen it yet...........how reliable were they??? what should I consider , or look for when I see it...being a farm truck its probrably beat ....thanks....

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86.5 was the half year start of the D21 Hardbody with build dates starting around November '85 which seems strange, but this is about half way through the '86 production model year.


The early D21 came with the same basic Z24i as the late 720 used and an optional VG30i V6. The Z24 engine can be swapped into your 720 if you swap your '84 intake and carb onto it. These two engines continued until '90 when the Z24i was replaced by the KA single cam engine.


Drive trains were slightly different with a revised and much improved 71C 5 speed. There was also a 71C 4 speed  on later '88 and '89s. Bet no one knew this. Four wheel drives combined the transmission with an integral transfer case. Four cylinders used the same H-190 on 2wd and C200 differentials on 4x4s.


The D21 was larger and heavier than the 720 which is funny as Nissan pioneered the mini truck in '58 and now they are starting that over size creep toward chev and ford half tons. 

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thanks mike,, had not considered it might be a 4 banger, I assumed it was a six...  makes it more appealing to me if it is a 4 banger....might have to go look at it now...if its been a farm truck.. its likely been  beat to hell..i guess its dark blue...I was hoping it might be fuel injected....

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