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1978 Datsun 200B GX (810)

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Here is my Australian 1978 200b Imported to the uk in 1987

I first restored it back in 1993 (bought it in 1991). It's had a few changes over the years,

Manual conversion 4 speed then a 5 speed upgrade (dogleg)

and lastly a VG30E engine and box upgrade


Sadly time has caught up on the old girl and I'm planning a full restoration in time. I have managed to gather quite a lot of NOS parts for it (panels too)






It was also featured in a UK magazine [url=http://datsuns.co.uk/Images/MYDatsuns/200B/Retro/retomag.html]Reto Mag Feature[/url]

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oh? Your post is unclear (beside the fact that an L tranny wont mate to a VG)


cool car for a Scot. How's the MPG (LPKM?) on that thing?

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ah, sorry for the confusion,

Thanks did you check out my 180B?

It was actually very good, was getting 35-40mpg on a run


a little video


enjoy :)

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Couldn't read the dyno sheets, too blurry. Love the VG!!!

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Torque doesn't make sense. Surely not 500-600 ft lbs?


I like the straight climbing HP numbers. It would indicate a flat torque curve.

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your spot on with the torque figures, during the day there as an issue with the machine, they gave us all a calculation on how to work out the correct values which i cant remember. The graph flow it self though that is correct,

Funny thing on the day was they enclosed the air filter in cardboard and the car gained 5hp lol


a little video i made 


I'll see if i can find the video of the actual RR day.

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130.5 hp @ 5K is 137 torque


HP=Tq X RPM / 5252 or Tq= HP X 5252 / RPM

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