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Eric's 69 521


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Whats up Ya'll, . Growing up i've always wanted a Nissan 240sx and a Datsun pickup. 12 years ago i bought an S14 and built it the way i liked it. I also owned a 95 D21. me friend loved my hardbody and went out and picked up a 69 521. So now he owns a 95 hardbody and i'm a new proud owner of a 521. Its in pretty good condition for what it is. it does run but has no brakes and needs a new radiator. The previous owner also rattle canned it green. not sure what my plans are for it yet but i know it will involve a static drop and some low offset wheels. heres some pics to start off.










here is a pic of the Hardbody i traded for it.




and a few of my 240 cause we love pics







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A good trade, but don't you feel bad for taking advantage of a friend like that? lol That's an L521, first year made after the L520. The '70 PL521 had the larger L16 engine but pretty much the same truck body wise. Have to say it looks very complete and in good shape. My first truck was a '72 521 and it was my second Datsun. It was about 5 years old back then. Welcome to Ratsun curbcheck!

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Thanks for the warm welcome. I finally got the truck home after it sitting at my friends shop.






i was able to start it up and it runs but, I am not familiar with carb motors. i had to pour gas in the carb to run it for a few seconds just to see if it ran. i am missing the fuel lines from the wheel well to the fuel pump and then to the carb. im not sure how its supposed to go. i know its missing a fuel filter and maybe some other components but not sure where they go. can someone post a pic of the fuel setup so i can see where everything goes. thanks in advance

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I went out and looked at my 69 521, mine also has the two brackets, I don't know what the two brackets are for, someone on here likely does know though, hopefully they will chime in with some photos.

I converted my 69 to a diesel, so it has a totally different fuel system now.

So, is thats all because it looks like i have 2 brakets over where the filter goes?

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well my wheels came in today, along with my 195/50/15 tires. so off to the shop to get them mounted. then i started on the front end. didnt get finish today though. tomorrow ill be dropping the back. ill post pics of the final results tomorrow after im done













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