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Newbie welding project- snowplow

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So I got a welder for my birthday and decided a snowplow would be a good first project

I got sick of freezing my arse off on my old cub cadet 125 so now I have a warm dry seat for said Arse

I still have so bracing to do so take it easy on me

Also, I started with .30 wire and tip (I seemed to enjoy welding with that) then had to switch to .33 wire and tip. I was having problems with that

The welds seem good, time will tell though!

Highly recommend getting into welding.. So fun






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Penetration looks good on the left but maybe grind the right side where it meets the frame to expose the metal. Then make one more pass like the first.




I like this...

Any video or picture of a weld that you post on the internet , if not absolutely perfect, will get hammered for being the worst weld ever.

Any mig welding technique you suggest will be Wrong...and there are people who are convinced they know the only true way to weld even though you never claim that your way is the only right way in the first place.

There are as many opinions on the right technique for uphill mig welding as there are YouTube Douche bags.

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These guys are right, the next time the space shuttle is built outta what looks like a engine stand, a BBQ grill and a garden tractor blade.. You can just count yourself out mister.

:rofl: :rofl:

Other than that ,, wasn't it supposed to snow this week down there?? Cuz you better get a couple pictures of you crashing that bumbitch around..

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