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How much is it worth?

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Hey guys, i have a fuel tank out of a 521. i have it listed on ebay for what is fast becoming evident is an assinine price. so what's it worth? it's in good shape, has been painted with a rubber coating, no dents. can't seem to get a picture of it uploaded...could use some direction on that too. let me know :):):confused:

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I dont like to put a price on ppl parts but I don't think I wood pay that much for a old gas tank even new if that was the case.

sumone will give a better idea whats it worth.

but if I was to say a price probly 25 - 50. :(

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these are still very common. and always will be considering how many 521's were made. what is the red color stuff inside? paint? coating? i realize some of the seals have let water in through the top and rusted the tanks out but i still see tanks with shiny new insides all the time.


there is one at tacoma pull-a-part right now for $9.50 the tank sending units may be worth more than the tanks. the even harder to get part is the rubber filler tube. without any coating on the inside i'd say it's worth $40 and $50 with the sending unit. maybe $65 with the unit and correct filler tube plus shipping.

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thanks for the detailed info. i guess i should've done a little more homework. $9.50!! WOW! i just bought the truck. in fact the day i was scheduled to drive to Nevada to get it, i fell off my work truck and broke both of my arms. the truck got trasported via Agape transport a week later and there it has sat for the past 5 weeks now. yesterday was the first day i wasw able to get the battery charged and fire her up. purrs good and loud! thanks again!!:D

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