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who says a 'bagged truck isn't useful?


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So mamma wanted me to bring some wood home to build some planter boxes for the back yard, and it just so happened that we had a guy breaking down some pallets at work on friday; so I loaded up the 620 with a shit load of 4x4's and 1x6's to bring home. It was probably only about 500 lbs. worth, but it was interesting to see how the truck handled the load; had to pump up the rear bags an extra 20 lbs.










My daughter got herself a new camera and decided to get artsy!





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I also see dem hooks are also at work, who says dem hooks are useless. :fu:


hooks shmooks.. i've hauled as much wood as paula has in her truck and tons of other crap while i was paving, At one time i had 2 pressure washers 1 whacker plate. several shovels an rakes, 250-300ft of pressure washin hose an prolly some misc stuff here an there.. ya my truck was squatin like a school girl.. but not one time did i need hooks :fu:


if you look at some of my pics you notice theres 2 little holes where the hooks were an i carrie a 20ft length of rope that fits through the holes in the truck..

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nice loads. any idea on the weight? cool to see a nl doing some work too.:)


The weight of the load on my truck was about 1500 lbs. NL not so sure. Where we picked up the firewood, was about 23 miles from our place and had some narly hills that had to be climbed to get home. Both trucks did quite nicely and did two trips each that day.


Of Course the NL did some work too................it has to help pay it's way around here too.


Jason, I don't mean to Hijack your thread. I don't much care for lowered trucks, but I do like yours. Probably not so much that it was lowered but just all the time and dedication it takes to do something like that.

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