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5 speed rebuild question

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I have a question about rebuilding a 5 speed transmission.  The tranny in question was bought by my son for his '73 620.  We were told it came out of a Z car, but when we went to bolt it in, it was tilting the wrong way, as would a tranny that was bolted up to a NAPS-Z motor.  No problem.  We swapped the front half with one that actually was meant to bolt up to an L-motor.  It ran and drove great for a couple weeks, until a few days ago when his tranny got stuck in 1st/2nd and 3rd/4th.  We pulled it and got it torn apart at a friend's nearby automotive shop.  My friend suggested a rebuild kit, as there is what he considers quite a bit of play in the bearings.  The only problem is-I don't know what this thing came out of.  There was no ID tag between the 2 halves, and all the rebuild kits I have found have 60mm countershaft bearings and ours has a 56mm bearing.  If I knew what it came out of that would make it easier (I hope) to find a rebuild kit for it.  Any ideas?

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A picture would sure help and perhaps narrow it down. The 62mm bearing was introduced in '85, before that the 56mm was used on all 71B  4 an 5 speeds.


The wrong 'tilt' would make it a Z series transmission. So probably an '81-'84 720 or '80-'83 S110 (200sx)

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