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I'm so close to firing my new KC. I just can't seem to figure out the wirng for the ignition. I get a full 12 volts to both sides of the coil and ign. module when the key is to the on position. I have torn the ENTIRE harness apart looking to see if I screwed something up. Nope.

The Blue wire and the Black/white wire that come off the ign. switch BOTH excite the coil, but, they BOTH continue to have juice when you crank it over. Shouldn't one give way when the dizzy tells it to fire the coil?

I'm at whits end and don't know what else to do.

I've looked at the wiring diagram on the 620 Tech page with no help or solution found. Thought I would throw the problem out here and see if someone might have an idea.





EDIT: Matchbox dizzy

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The EI dizzy is grounded through the mounting bolts. Some have a ground termilal on them as well, use it if it has this. Also the 'match box' itself needs good secure contact with the dizzy itself. Maybe remove enough to clean the back side of it.

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