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front drum brakes


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Behind the brake drum at the bottom of the backing plate is an oval rubber cover. Pop it off and inside is a star wheel adjuster that can be turned with a screw driver blade (if they aren't seized) Turn the wheel down to spread the brake shoes and up to retract them. I adjust till they just drag when spinning the wheel by hand, then apply the brakes to center the shoes and check and adjust again. Once they are just dragging with no change after applying the brakes I back off the adjustment one or two notches.


Replacement spring hardware can be got at auto supply stores.

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My parts truck has a set of disk brakes that I would like to put on my Hustler. I noticed the KC's have a "valve" of sorts under the cab on the pass side. Do I need to fit this to my Hustler to make the disc brakes work properly or is it just a matter of bolting them on? I noticed Lynch didn't mention anything about this. Nice write up btw.

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idk bout no valve.. an i believe its a porportioning valve.. not sure if i have one i never looked.. dont think you NEED it.. its for when you have a load in the truck it distributes fluid differently or something... remember.. the discs on the 78/79 trucks are different.. you have to cut an weld some crap an im sure theres a write up about it somewhere.. i didnt feel like doin that so i went this route..



oh btw you will notice i have a loss of steering.. i cant turn the wheels as far as i used to be able too.. only by a little but its annoying.. this is because the bracket is too long.. beebani did make a new style bracket but the set i got of those were warped somehow.. so i stuck with his old style bracket until i can make my own or have someone make me some brackets that will give me my full range of motion back in my steering..

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