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datsun 210 rotary

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Welcome to Ratsun chris. Offhand no, I don't as this isn't a real popular swap into a Datsun although the 12a may be.
I find the search function at the top of every page a good source for obscure topics. Simply type in 12a rotary swap and look the posts over. Also try 12a rotary into 210, 13b and rotary swaps to mix it up. It's easier than you think. Such a major thing as a swap should have similar issued on a variety of cars so a 510 or truck won't be that different.



Here's a couple to get you started...









When done expand on your introduction and post pictures of your 210 and tell us your plans. Don't worry if the car is unfinished and rough, you're among friends....



Later I will move this to the B-210/210 forum

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Agreed. You haven't supplied any information about your abilities (or let's be honest non abilities) either. Things that will make this easier and more chance of a successful outcome are....


Previously done an engine swap before, preferably a rotary.

A perminant secure garage space as close to where you live as possible.

Tools, including a welder, metal working for fabrication.

Some fabricating and welding skills and experience.

Money, as much as possible. A job sure helps.

No distractions like g/f.


I have no problem with engine swaps that succeede. Failure is being in over your head with a cut up Datsun sold for scrap or unfinished. If you have never done this but have a 210 and a rorary I would suggest you just fix what you have and drive it.


Over to you...

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Shouldn't be that hard to swap a rotary in that datsun. I welded the 12a motor mounts so its pretty much just drop the engine in place and get the transmission crossmember can't remember if I used the 12a tranny one or the original one prob worked.

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Not to be a jerk, but usually the people who ask these questions don't have the skills/tools to accomplish the task. It's not a drop in type of deal, there will be a lot of fabrication involved. They're awesome engines though if you can do it.


As datzenmike mentioned, you should post up your abilities and what tools you have. Do you have a welder, and know how to use it *well*? Things like motor and transmission mounts are not something you want to screw up with crap welds. On the other hand you may be a great fabricator, but we just don't know. Knowing your skill level will help the rest of us guide you through the work, or maybe help you find a swap that's more in line with your skill level.

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