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very rare maxima diesel wagon ebay


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This is not mine just passing it along to more fortunate others that are closer to arizona than I.


This is one rare puppy thats arizona rust free. This guy really took care of this car.


Back in the 80's i was more into z's but my dad bought a diesel maxima and i had a 720 diesel.  I drove the maxima a couple times.

Loved it. Nice and quiet and decent acceleration. Would love to have this but i just bought a vw diesel after 20 years of being diesel-less.

Loving the 48 mpg

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That's nice and all and price also.... but these e-bay sales don't last forever, in fact there's just over a week left on this one. Then that link takes you to nowhere. So a week from now someone will click it and get frustrated. To prevent this we usually dump these nuisance causing limited shelf life links here. .... http://community.ratsun.net/topic/55571-post-craigslist-ads-here/ where they can expire and die with dignity... alone.

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