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Mighty Mouse Engine Rebuild & Upgrades


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Moving along to the initial engine-trany fit-up to check throwout bearing position, starter mesh, etc. Lot of other little stuff going on in the background. I think I can see a little bitty light out there at the end of the tunnel.






Trany looks twice too big for the engine in the photos. The engine is only about half there now.

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High temperature aluminum/ceramic coating done by Jet-Hot. I don't know much about powdercoating, but understand that this is similar in a high temp resistant media that sheds heat. The exhaust manifold is coated inside and outside surfaces.




I've used them for over twenty years. Low maintainence and stays nice for years. The FIAT engine a few posts up looks just like the photos and has been in for ten years.


They also do colors and internal coatings.The FIAT has ceramic coated piston crowns and their moly-teflon oil retaining coating on the piston skirts and bearings. They also do oil shedding coatings for crankcase inner surfaces.


I'm not a big fan of chrome plating in the engine room, especially exhaust components.

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Lots of stuff been goin on under the radar lately on the E1 rebuild. Not a lot of stuff that lends to picture taking but got a care package in from 'Victoria British' in

Kansas City today and got a first pic on the head job.




This is a 1960 MGA cover. Has a cast-in MG logo under the 'Datsun 1200' tag from the original cover. The tag is just laying on the cover, but it'll be nailed down eventually. None too soon, as the short block will be right-side-up in the next week. Sewing up the pan and timing cover this weekend and it'll be time to start assembling the top half. Time marches on.

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The oil & timing pans went on for final time today:




All stainless hardware and installed with 'Never-Sieze'. The oblong washers are 35 cent 18-8 stainless fender washers from Lowes that are cut down:




The rest of the stainless came from Ebay. What you really have to be careful of is internal and external threads together in the same alloy stainless. They have a tendency to gall and you can't get them apart, Especially in higher temperature situations. There are only one or two places where this will occur on this build. I'm counting on the 'Never-Sieze' compound.

Trany adapter plate is on and Flywheel will be nailed down tomorrow. Then the front mounts will get final assembly and she'll be right-side-up again.


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I can't count how many times that stainless issue has caught me off guard. Anti seize should do the trick.


Lots of time went into those washers eh?


Not so much. You can see the mill-cut on the edge of the washer with the bolt through it. Mill em stacked up. More time involved in hand work rounding the four corners and deburring. With the 7/64" thick round washer and lock washer between the bolt head and oblong washer the pans pulled down nice & flat.

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He's right side up now. The head is just sitting on. Kind of a loose fit-up for a couple of photos.






Here's the label for the 1960 MGA rocker cover from Victoria British in Kansas City KS. Bout $80 and the securing thumbscrews about $16.



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I wonder if a BMC spin on oil filter adapter would work on that motor.


Don't know, but 'Lil Truckie' up in Kansas probably knows. I'll ask him in next conversation. Here is what is on my E1:




Don't know if it was built onto the engine at factory. Could have been added by a previous owner. Pickup has 1963 build characteristics and is titled an firewall tagged as a 64. The housing has one of three pressure relief valves that this engine will have. I'm bout to get this side done, then I'll spin her around and get the last stuff worked on the left side.

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Outstanding workmanship!


You are a very clever man.  Charlie 69 is a good friend of mine, he suggested that I take a look at the build thread as well as you did in a PM.  Done forget to address the mechanical advance mechanism in the distributor, all that nice work and bad advance curve will have you all in a dither.  One of my ancient talents is rebuilding and curving old dists.

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I will call Gen Star tomorrow and see if by chance he might have one.  You engine is an E1 with a 4 speed behind it.  I do not know if Gen Star stills has them but a while back he had warehouse full of old used starters, generators, and alternators.  I also know where a 320 is and if Gen Star does not have it maybe there is one in the 320.  I will check tomorrow.

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No, Wayno, not the starter with the remote solenoid and gear assembly on the extended armeture shaft. I need the starter with the incorporated solenoid. I'm at work and cant attach Photobucket image with the equipment we have here. I can add a photo of what I'm looking for this afternoon or here's link to the classified with several photos:




I believe that this starter was used on the 320 floor shift and the pushrod engined 520's and at least some of the 410/411 sedans. There were two different floor-shift tranys used on the 520's and I believe that this starter was used on both.



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So you need a different starter? Or you have the right one and it is in poor shape?




I do have the starter pictured in the classified. On teardown, I found that one area of the brush end had moisture damage, as in two brush springs are corroded, thinned, and weak and the end of one of the field coils is missing a portion of its insulation wrapping. This may be items that a competent starter rebuilder can address??


I'd feel better if I could come up with another starter or at least parts, whether I go through the unit or have a shop do it.

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