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Mighty Mouse Engine Rebuild & Upgrades


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Nice writeup, Steve.


If the ohm range is off, but reads in the same direction, a resistor can sometimes do the trick. I use a volume control from an guitar amp to help figure out the ohm requirements and then solder in the needed resistor. One of these days I'd like to get set up to rebuild gauges, at which time, I'll get one of those "pots" that the old timers use.


For cleaning sending units, I use metal etch. Depending on if it is rusty or just dirty. If it's rusty, it usually requires manual cleaning before the etch.

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Late last Fall I had several issues with the fuel system on the 320 and decided to bite the bullet and put in a little work bringing the system up to a reliable standard. I posted the fuel tank refurbishment a couple months ago. 


I located a handful of NOS fuel pump diaphram assemblies and valves and decided to make up a set of dies to blank out the filter screen and gaskets. Mighty Mouse hasn't missed a beat since I've rebuilt the tank and pump. The filter screen in the original pump was of bronze material. I located 304 stainless mesh and decided to use that in the rebuild. After rebuilding my pump and running it for three months or so, I'm ready to make half a dozen or so kits available to other caretakers of these old vintage Datsuns. I'll be running an ad in the classifieds later this weekend. Posting a few pics of some of the mechanics of making this happen.











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