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Mighty Mouse Engine Rebuild & Upgrades


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The I-Phone video doesn't do justice on the audio. The phone picks up the throaty crap better than any other sound. It's a lot smoother and quieter in virtual presence, especially with the air cleaner on.

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i always thought mine was noisy but if yours sounds like that after a fresh rebuild then maybe that' what they're meant to sound like and mine isn't as bad as i thought

That's almost the definition of a backhanded compliment.


Read - "Mine sucks so I'm glad to hear that yours sucks too!"

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If you're worried about being seen, replace the incandescent bulbs with LED's. You could also modify the bezels to accept an round LED where the OEM reflectors go. I did that on my 320 a few years back They really made a difference.


I agree with the others. The 3rd brake light doesn't fit the character of the truck.


This is a crappy pic, but you can see how bright the LED's are (the small round ones on the corners).








Absolutely love this color.

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Hey Steve found a 312u a 410 and 411 FSM s I don't know if I will put up yet really nice condition never greased !



I have a factory, dealer Datsun 320 FSM. It's got a plethora of info, if it's any help to anyone.

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I've finally gotten a few of the other projects under control and have spent a bit of the past week on the engineroom wiring loom re-do. Took stock of what wires I'd be adding/replacing and ordered bout half dozen colors of striped wire in the proper gages. Wanted to stick as close as possible to the original wire/stripe colors and hunted down riwire.com as a source. These guys have an endless selection of wire. They have wire with one or two stripes and either straight or spiral stripes in most gages. Here’s a pic and included is the Bussman FLB-50 50 amp fusible link that I’m building in for the alternator.




This fusible link can be had for $3-$4. I really wanted a plug-in link like later model cars use, but couldn’t locate up a freestanding socket to mount in the area of the battery/fusebox, so I went with this one and dug through the junk box and came up with a suitable chunk of phenolic and some all-thread and put something together. Here’s a shot of the link and the mount and a strip of sheetmetal to mount under the edge of the fender using existing fender bolts. No new holes.




I’d been running the engine with temporary jumper wires where changes or additions were done to insure that everything was hooked up correctly.  Some of the changes were alternator replaced generator, electronic distributor replaced points, Weber 32/36 carb with electric choke. Here’s the loom pulled out and laid across the engine bay. Wires have been changed/added and the whole mess is over-wrapped with gray electrical tape.




And here’s the loom back in place. Note the fusible link just above and at the back of the battery.



I’ll be putting the insurance back on the Mouse in the next week or so and start road testing all the little projects and efforts contained in this thread. Down the road on this project will be some outer bodywork, seat recovering, and change to a 4:11 rear gears. I’ll be getting a classified ad posted for the gears.

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FWIW at this point, a maxi fuse I think might be the solution you are looking for. Modern large fuse, easily swapped out, easily installed block, and they are the proper "slow burn" type fuse to replace fusible links etc.


Here's an example of a single maxi fuse block.




And here's one for a reasonable price.




If you see my 510 build thread "half pint", I'm replacing all 3 fusible links in my wiring harness with a 3 maxi fuse block.

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Congrats man!!!  We need a video of you driving it.  I would love to see the smile on your face.


Mighty Mouse got his grin back today after twenty months in the hole (the shop stall he's been living in over the run of this thread; so far). Kind of neat it's on Independence Day !! He's sorta independent again.


OK, Charlie & Zed; Here ya go; Lets take a little spin !!!



No hood or transmission floor pan so it's like a tiny blast furnace in that little cab. Maybe you heard the right rear tire skid on that gravel at the stop sign ?? Might be adding a proportioning valve for the rear system. Also non-synchro 1st gear but shifts like new; click, click, click. It all feels tight, solid, & smooth. I know there'll be some adjusting and tweaking but I'm very very pleased with the product so far.



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Yeah !! Thanx, guys. Happy firecracker day.


When I go back and watch the video, the little 'Sport Truk' sounds like a tiny WWII fighter plane; on 4 July, 2016 'Independence Day'. 


I'm havin' another martini and a swim !!


Life is GOOD !!

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I want to thank everyone here for cheering the project along with comments, suggestions, information & material sources, parts and more.


I have a bit more planned beyond this milestone and will keep the Mouse's progress posted here. 


Stay tuned.



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Stay tuned; I'm nowhere near the end of this little journey. We've put about 50 local miles on just local fun driving this week. Looking for little leaks and noises. Making adjustments and such. The original hood that is about as slick as a Wal-Mart sack full of pine cones will go back on for now but I have a pretty good hood that will be basically stripped and have a couple of little dents fixed then painted and swapped out. Rockers need replacing and top half of doors look like Al Capone savaged them with a 22cal Tommy Gun; from three or four sets of mirrors installed and removed over the years. The stainless door trims even have a couple of mirror holes in them. I'd like to choke the SOB who did that !! If someone knows a craftsman who can address that issue, send me some contact info. Will require welding, straightening, and buffing.


Rear axle will get ginned up/down from 4:88 to a 4:11 or 3:8X. He starts running out of steam at 40mph. I've got a set of decent original hubcaps that need clean-up and replating. And, I've got a pet-project in the way of a presto-chango grille swap system that will allow me to change from 63 to 64 grille in half an hour or less( I have a 64 grille that I had restored a year and a half ago hanging in the shop ). Heater and wiper systems will need going through. Seat is on the schedule for a new original style skin (wife had an upholstery shop twenty years ago and still has her nearly new Pfaff machine). Think I've got her talked into tackling it this Winter. Also have to come up with something in the way of floor covering. Lots of stuff on the schedule but now I can really get into an intimate relation with the little truck. Thanks for following, folks !!



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