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1971 Datsun 510 sr20det swap

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New member to these forums. I currently have a 510 project that I'm going to do a s14 sr20det swap in. My car just needs some engine bay cosmetics done to it and as well as the inside before I start buying parts for the swap. Any advice on how to begin would be helpful I've read through many topics about this swap just looking for a place to start. I've got ideas on how ima go about it but I like to keep an open mind to different ideas. I am a Cnc machinist as well as a fabricator in the aerospace field so I'm sure I can come up with something. Any who info and advice would be great ! Will post pics wait on it !

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as you can see my tranny tunnel has been enlarged as the previous was running something big in here. my floor is dynamated and gota a half cage in there. ive began grinding down the engine bay but saw that it was taking to long so im going to have it done by a friend of mine whos in need of money. after that all done i will be modifying the crossmember and buying a trans mount for the sr20. once that in place bushings, sway bar, and rear suspension will be rebuilt and painted. as for my subaru lsd diff, i will be rebuilding it internally and externally. coilover might be getting techno toy or troy ermish ones but i really want to air it. lmk what yall think ! :angel:

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Hang a curtain of sound deadener across the back of the back seat too and extra (more than one) layer over the wheel wells. Wheels make noise and throw rocks. Cover that space under the rear window as well unless using speaker holes speakers. If the headliner is off, do the roof also as it acts like a drum skin.


If you have an area that you can't completely cover like a door skin, do the best you can. Deadener will still add mass to the surface and will change it's natural resonance frequency even if it can't shield out all noise/vibration. Concentrate extra on the front floor, and up under the dash (engine noise) and tunnel. (transmission and exhaust)

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