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Antonio's V12 DOHC w/ ITBs powered 280Z


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Holy cow I've seen a viper V10 in a 240z before but now a V12 "hay caramba"!


There is a V12 Jag powered 240Z running around somewhere. The key here is DOHC V12 :P


Nice shell.  I guess all the money went into the motor...


Actually more money and time to the shell than my engine. Good guess though by the looks of it.


Hm.......... The second pic is not your engine, I assume?


Correct, that pic is a Zonda R engine with ITBs... My dream engine if I had the money.


Horee sheet.....watching this one....


Thanks! I'm going to keep everyone posted :)


This should be interesting, I remember seeing a V12 Jag motor in a Miata.


That is pretty nuts! The carbs on that engine alone is worth more than the entire car lol

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Disassembled the engine block and ordered new rod and thrust bearings. Tried to order main bearings and piston rings, but they are discontinued from Mercedes :( Rockauto said that they had 1 last set in stock and they were the wrong ones, so I'm reusing them. They still look brand new! I did buy a Lisle 15000 honing tool to lap the cylinders :) Mercedes used to layer silicone between the aluminum cylinders and the pistons in some of their blocks known as Alusil. That's right, no sleeves at all! I'm lapping the cylinders with Sunnen AN-30 and honing oil at home, then getting decked at the machine shop. Pics to come!



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When I picked it up...






Rust.... Lots of it!














All frame rust done! Bad dog frame rails, coilovers, polyurethane bushings, seam sealed, and bed liner coated







Still needs body panel work. I've started but I need to take pics.










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Found piston rings from the dealer! Part # 0020309024 $109.60 per piston.... I think I will use my used ones still lol



Antonio,  Give the guys at Total Seal Ringc in AZ a call.  They did a custom set/6 for the Q45 pistons I put into a VG30 for under $100 (dealer wanted $380.00 for OE rings for the Q45.

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Antonio,  Give the guys at Total Seal Ringc in AZ a call.  They did a custom set/6 for the Q45 pistons I put into a VG30 for under $100 (dealer wanted $380.00 for OE rings for the Q45.


I would, but these piston rings are chrome plated. I wouldn't mind using them if they where regular piston rings.



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